Quarterly Wrap Up

Boy, I can’t believe we actually closed below 800 – that was a bit of a surprise as we were only a few points away (797.70).

What also surprised me today was the lack of participation. After all, it was the last day of this quarter and I expected to see a stronger signal. We didn’t get disappointed by price movement however.

As expected the Primary Zero did well today and the Lite never dropped below the zero mark. I scared my subscribers in the morning by advising them to not take the long VTA due to the rather flat signal – turns out I was full of shit and that the alert was good – I hope they ignored me. The Zero Lite was doing great as long as we rallied up but it was strange to not see it drop below the zero mark towards the end. Yes, it dipped down quite a bit and scraped along but there was no divergence to announce that drop and no indication as to where we might head tomorrow. I hope the direction is down as I’ve held my puts through all this.

There you go – see, I do my best to be objective about these reports and you are all welcome to chime in. Some wankers suggested that I was only using these wrap ups to hype my indicator – well, yeah – this is a good way to attract new subscribers – true that. But again – it’s a two way street – right? If I was full of shit and if my subscribers were unhappy I’d be sure they’d say so right here. So far they seem to be very happy with what they’re getting – at least that’s the impression I receive from what I think is an overwhelming majority.

Anyway, you guys can all think or say whatever you want. But the data speaks for itself. You can use this link to see all of the wrap up posts, sorted by date:





Seems like my prior post launched a shit storm – and was in particular exploited in particular by snarky anonymous posters who never ever contributed here before. This goes out to you guys:

Hey, I understand you’re pissed and were just waiting for a chance to pounce and fuck with the Mole. After all, I have been taking your money for months now – ouch – this got to hurt. Now shut the heck up and post something of substance and maybe I’ll take you seriously.

Anyway, I’ve got a thick skin but many of you don’t seem to, so let’s review my prior statement for all you mentally and emotionally impaired:

What are you guys – rats or mouth breathing leeches? Because there’s only a place for rats here – and they pull together and collaborate. I’ll be back when I see quality return to this blog.

It seems the meaning of this has all but escaped you mouth breathers. I have long insisted that the only way to survive this market is to collaborate and exchange ideas. It seems that most of you have forgotten what I posted back in October 2008 – perhaps it’s time for some of you to go back and read it again:


Let me quote what I believe defines the essential idea behind Evil Speculator:

Anyone who comes here is invited to become part of our cause, no matter what color, creed, or culture. We play by the rules, even if they change them on us midstream we simply learn and adapt. We work hard to develop a system that offers us an edge, and it is our system – we play by no other person’s rules. The market is a cruel mistress and as such we pay for and acknowledge our mistakes and weaknesses, doing so makes us better traders. We strive to be disciplined and resist emotions like fear or greed, and we reject cognitive biases tempting us to bend or even break our own rules. We recognize that despite the fact we all compete against each other there is strength in numbers – therefore we choose to collaborate and share our insights. After all, what we are up against are extremely well organized institutional traders with access to considerable resources as well as intimate knowledge of how to play ‘the game.’ Finally, we don’t hesitate and take action as as soon as the opportunity represents itself – nothing you do or know matters if you can’t pull the trigger when the time is right.

So, if you still think I’m the crying baby who’s complaining about his poor little blog not getting the participation he deserves – think again. I could take the Zero, evil.rat, and several other trading strategies I have developed and sell them to various hedge funds. I know that I can because I have been approached several times and could easily ‘sell out’ and make a pretty penny. I really don’t need to be doing this. But I have chosen to do so because I care and I hate to see people lose their 401ks and life savings to a bunch of butt pirates looting the country and now the public purse.

If you feel like insulting somebody – maybe you should start with some of those cronies on Wall Street who are responsible for this whole mess. The corrupt politicians who have looked the other way while high paid lobbyists were changing the game in their favor. As I’m writing this these people have a plan and they are actively working to deprive you and your children of a prosperous future – at the personal gain of a small minority (i.e. banksters). What have you done to make a difference? Oh yeah, I forget – you told off Mole because he dared to ask for participation – you should be so proud of yourself.

So, if you come here you better appreciate the fact that I despise leeches. I have been doing my best to turn you guys into group of self sufficient and collaborative traders who can survive any market and support their families in the dark times ahead – no matter what. Unfortunately many of you leeches have grown such big egos that you can only see and think as far as your nose goes. Good riddance to those among you.

Whoever is capable of jumping over his/her shadow and accept Evil Speculator for what should be – you are more than welcome here. This blog is more than just a quick fix on free EWT analysis – if you don’t see that then you are completely missing the point. This blog is your chance to become a better trader and contribute to a growing group of like minded individuals who back each other up – in good times and in bad times. Because the folks we are trading against are organized and they do collaborate as their strategy is paying off – handsomely and in the Billions I might add. But you, Mr. Genius, you think you can go it alone.

So, who’s with me?

Going Quiet

Quite frankly – I’m not feeling it here lately. The comment count has gone through the shitter and the quality of comments right with it. Yesterday night I asked you guys for long candidates so we can ride that Minor wave 3 rocket all the way up. I just scanned the few comments since last night and see nothing – zilch – nada – nichts.

Rats – I have been working day & night lately and am worn out. When I ask you guys to participate I expect at least some minimal effort. And frankly, it’s been like pulling teeth lately – I keep producing like a machine – post after post after post – and I get fairly little in return, except for the same questions over and over again. The comment count is going down – not sure why. And it’s not the market as I see plenty of bears participating over at the Slope – T.K. can hardly keep up with his crew. Man, I wish I had a blog like that!

So, I’m going to go into quiet mode for a while – how long I don’t know – maybe an hour, a day, a week, or a month. It seems that my time here is neither appreciated nor rewarded.

That’s where I’ll be with my lappy – working on evil.rat and sipping on Margaritas. And please spare my any postings along the lines of ‘how much appreciate the blog – blah blah’ and ‘how you’ve only been so quiet because of [fill in paltry excuse of your choice]’. What are you guys – rats or mouth breathing leeches? Because there’s only a place for rats here – and they pull together and collaborate. I’ll be back when I see quality return to this blog.



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