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October 31, 2011

Not …. So ….. Fast!

Volar is having his hands full as he’s trying to trade without an Internet connection, functioning central heating, and food in his fridge, whilst fighting off alien invaders with a dull steak knife with his right hand tied behind his back. Plus the zombies over at MF Global refused to close out some of his client’s positions last week. Gee – I can only imagine the amount of stress he must be dealing with. We’re rooting for you mate and I hope you rats are sending him any charts he needs at his very whim.

Anyway, the poor fellow managed to free his right thumb and type me a quick email about the FDOM stats he shared with us back in August. Don’t [...]

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October 31, 2011

S&P E-Mini Short Term Update

The spoos spent much of today correcting in a fairly orderly manner – crap & camp – pretty much textbook. Now, the big question that’s probably in your tortured minds is whether or not the perma-bears were right for a change or if this is just the short term shake out I proposed last weekend.

After falling away from a whole cluster of green we’ve got a brand new NLBL at 1267.5 right now – alas, a first attempt to breach failed. With two more hours left in the session we do have a sufficient time left for the real players to show their cards. If we fall back down I would be mindful of the 1257 mark – a violation of the 100-hour [...]

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October 31, 2011

es futures setup right now

We have a tasty retest variation buy on the 60 min es z1 chart right now. The upmove of Thursday showed the bears that this market wants to go up.

We have a clearly impulsive movement up, and a clearly corrective movement back down, to support, at the 50 ema.

Then we have a RETEST VARIATION BUY SETUP on the 60 minute chart.

This is a good setup, a retest of the lows, with trend, after a proportional corrective move, at support… it all smells like another leg up to me.

Wait until it breaks the 60 minute high long @1273.25 stop 1267.75

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October 30, 2011

Apples And Oranges

Retail has yet again turned completely beartart. Starting Thursday afternoon the usual suspects were once again predicting a major impending correction if not a repeat of the 2008 crash.

Exhibit A: This chart apparently ‘proves’ that we are in a repeat configuration that must resolve to the downside.

Well, I better dust off my time machine and tell those poor schmucks in 82 that the tape is going to drop into oblivion. Almost the identical formation (don’t argue with me – I spent a whopping 30 seconds looking for a similar pattern), and without doubt it will resolve to the downside, yes?

Well, except that it [...]

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