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April 5, 2016

Information Diet

Today I would like to cover the concept of developing your personal information diet and turning your brain into one lean mean thinking machine.  The basic idea behind reducing your intake of information is nothing new and I first encountered it way back during my trend trading years. However, it is one thing for a trend trader to say that the news doesn’t matter and to limit one’s consumption. It it is another to consciously develop a systematic approach for consuming information and to extract only what is needed for arriving at high quality conclusions in the shortest amount of time.

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March 31, 2016

The Market’s Purgatory

The mindset of the average retail trader is pretty predictable. For example, if markets are strongly trending to the upside then most participants wonder: ‘how much more upside?‘ Inversely if markets are falling hard for days on end then most of the discourse revolves around ‘how much more downside?‘ If however we’re stuck in a sideways range then all they can think about is: ‘how much more of this’?

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March 22, 2016

Herding Bias

Something very interesting happened during our trip back to Valencia last Sunday. After checking our luggage and passing through the airport’s security procedures we had a bit of time to spare and decided to grab lunch at a promising looking grill restaurant. As we picked our table my wife noticed a black  Samsonite suitcase that apparently had been left right next to it. Call me paranoid but I immediately took a step back and asked the fellow travelers around us if it was theirs. Nobody responded.

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January 15, 2016

Time To Strike

Not surprisingly equities have painted yet another swing to the downside overnight. Which presents us with a very delicious short term entry opportunity right here and right now. Time to strike.

This is the play: Long here while yesterday’s lows at 1871 remain in place. Put your stop below 1868 and then wait for the open. IF stopped out we may have to assess the momentum on the Zero. Assuming there is bearish momentum we wait for a quick retest which would be our opportunity to dip into short positions.

Whether or not we would reload on the long side will depend on what we’re seeing the Zero Lite today (you are a sub, right?). Clearly attempts are [...]

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