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January 2, 2018

2018 First Impressions

Welcome back! I hope some of you enjoyed a quiet and relaxing time away from charts and the never ending drama of our financial markets. I wish I was that lucky but as almost every year I somehow find myself stuck catching up on a myriad of chores, reading assignments, and various project related tasks. That’s right, the action (and the screaming) never stops down here at the evil lair. Now I was actually planning on ripping the lid off a major new initiative I have planned for you guys but I’m running a bit behind so let’s just take a gander at some of our key markets.

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December 22, 2017

No Lift No Gift!

Yesterday was my first day back at the gym and managed to snap right back into my full routine in stark contrast of me barely being able to walk upright just last Sunday. As the saying goes: No Pain – No Gain, or in Yuletide terms: No Lift No Gift! Which pretty much has been my motto for most of this year as I’ve been working my ass off 10 hours plus seven days a week on the quant system front, all of which is slowly starting to pay off now. More on that to follow over the coming weeks after alpha testing has completed.

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December 19, 2017

On The Mend

Just in case you care – I’m feeling much better this morning and what a difference one day can make! Yesterday I literally had difficulties walking upright without yodeling out loud. But after a good night’s rest and special care by Mrs. Evil I managed to take the taxi to my chiro today who then took great pleasure in inflicting all sorts of pain whilst putting me into embarrassing positions. I swear he does half of them just for the giggles and I think they should insist on a Myers Briggs personality test before handing out those licenses to blatant sadists.

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December 15, 2017

Barbarians At The Gate

This doesn’t seem to be my month as I had an extremely crappy day yesterday. And I’m not even referring to the almost instant stop outs I racked up on the E-Mini and the EUR/USD (fortunately position sizing was small in anticipation of monkey business). So what happened was that I got in touch with my hosting company about some strange errors a few readers and I kept seeing when loading the site. Some sys admin at my hosting firm decided to dig deeper and then came back saying that evilspeculator had suffered an SQL injection attack and that the entire database most likely would have to be rebuilt. YIKES!!! Relax – it turned out to be bullpucky and everything is [...]

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