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April 13, 2017

Celebrating Easter In Style

It’s been a great first quarter for us all and I propose to spread it around a little and celebrate Easter in style. So how about surprising your little ones with a Fabergé nestegg instead of some crusty old chicken egg laced with industrial Chinese paint. A little too pricey for you or you weren’t able to find $33 Million under your couch cushions? Well, try not to look like a complete loser and at least get yourself a few dozen gold plated chicken eggs at the low price of $138 – each that is. I’m sure for that deal their phones are ringing off the hook right now. Crikey – I’m in the wrong damn business!

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April 12, 2017

Market Fragility

I feel rather conflicted about the price action over the past month and quite frankly that’s exactly how I should feel and thus act accordingly. Just take a look at a daily E-Mini chart and compare the March contract (ESH7) with the current front month (ESM7) and tell me what you see.

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April 7, 2017

Back To Bombing The Middle East

I woke up this morning only to learn that my country had once again launched missiles into Syria, which quite frankly speaking depresses me profoundly for a whole host of reasons. Love or hate Donald Trump, the one campaign promise the majority of all Americans could probably get behind of was to cease U.S. participation in useless and costly wars, and especially anywhere near the Middle East. But here we go again, and quite ominously so exactly 100 years to the day after joining World War I, or what was then commonly known as ‘The Great War”.

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March 28, 2017

Live Tape Reading W1317

In case you missed it last evening, check out my ‘Ultimate Guide On Raw Edge Discovery‘ which I hope you will find informative if you are considering to build your own trading systems or even steal one from someone else. Now if you hunger for setups please do not despair as I have posted some juicy entry candidates in the subscriber section below (if in doubt you know what to do). But first let’s look at a few charts on the futures and forex side as this is a good time to cover this week’s live tape reading course.

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