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June 20, 2017

Long Term Perspectives

How far we have come over the past few years whilst getting absolutely nowhere. I mused just yesterday that it feels like as if we are living in one giant economic, cultural, and social bubble in dire need of a needle. Everywhere I look I see nothing but rapid inflation and boundless exuberance. What once may have been a slow and barely perceivable progression into an utopian brave new world, where nothing matters and everything carries a price tag, has at this point become utterly pervasive and is now rapidly making its way into all aspects of our personal and professional lives. But the most recent and increasingly bothersome symptom of what I deem to be a de facto generational [...]

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June 9, 2017

End Of This Easy Ride?

A final reminder that equity futures have now rolled into September, which is the official front month contract for the next three months. Time flies indeed! Before I know it I’ll be shopping for Christmas presents again and bitching about the cold weather. In the interim we’ll have to earn our keep, so let’s see if the brand spanking new ESU7 contract offers us a decent entry opportunities:

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June 7, 2017

Time To Strike

Today marks the last official trading session before the CME equity futures (i.e. ES, NQ, YM) roll into their respective September contracts. Keep in mind that the June contract does not end here but continues to be active for another week or so. However most of the trading volume will now shift into September and if you’re holding any equity futures contracts then you would be well advised to follow the herd into the new pastures.

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May 31, 2017

Rolling Into Third Quarter

Time is keeps flying by and its pace only seems to be accelerating, at least on my end. I remember writing a Christmas holiday post not so long ago and now we’re already starting to roll into various Q3 contracts. What happened? Where did time go? I think that’s the curse of being a trader – effectively your time is spent mostly looking and thinking ahead. It becomes a mental pattern and I often have to force myself to switch off my brain and simply focus on the here and now.

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