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August 30, 2016

Just The Setups Ma’am…

The August trading blues are almost behind us, various futures contracts are rolling into their final month of the year, and I’m seeing a bit of movement in some key markets. Although I advise everyone to keep position sizing small as of now I believe it’s time to dip our toe into a few campaigns and also add a few promising symbols to our watch list. As always let’s kick things off with equities:

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August 22, 2016

Just Put Me Out Of My Misery

You know me – I don’t complain often about the tape. But just like you I am merely human (well, sort of) and there are limits to the amount of mental agony I am able to endure. All summer we’ve been stuck in a game of slow motion ping pong, only to be interrupted by an obligatory shake out terminating at the 25-day SMA early this month. It’s been a veritable ten handle range of pain and I’m starting to feel like Phil the weatherman in Groundhog Day. Suicide is not an option and I’m way beyond embracing the pain. May as well have some with it.

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August 19, 2016

Up Is Down

Clearly the tape is toying with us and the fact that it’s OPEX Friday ain’t helping our cause. When faced with excessive tapemockery™ my general advice is to simply stay back and hunker down in anticipation of better trading conditions. No occasional surprise move along your trading direction is worth the mental turmoil and slew of losses you will most definitely have to endure in between. And remember – it’s late summer and although the rumor mills are churning out hype and biased opinions at full blast actual market participation remains muted. Not exactly what I would call prime trading estate for banking coin. Remember: You can’t force the market to [...]

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August 17, 2016

Resist The Dark Force

I am now forced to read my twitter stream with specially designed glasses in order to avoid accidental absorption of perma-bear bias via mental osmosis. Apparently as we are mere handles away from all time highs in equities popular wisdom ensures that we are are heading into unprecedented crash territory. You know just like the last time a few months ago, and then there was the other time earlier this year, and then last year around the same time, oh right and before that when rates were lifted by a few basis points. And who would be able to forget the big crash of 2014, which was almost as bad as the one in 2012. Of course nothing compares with the misery we all had to live through [...]

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