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September 16, 2016

No Prisoners!

Although intra-day volatility has dropped significantly the new script now is to sell off anything that has been bought during the prior session and then the reverse. Which means hopping on a short term trend has been pretty easy, but keeping your ill-gotten gains can be more tricky once the night crew descends on you with pitchforks and sharpened spoons. After months of sideways churns participants are apparently not in the mood for taking prisoners. Be prepared for bloody street brawls in dark alleys as the direction can switch on a dime and the bots begin their nocturnal stop hunting sessions.

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September 7, 2016

Crude Awakening

We got pretty lucky there the other day jumping on the precious metals express train as there are but a handful of symbols I feel tempted to touch even with a ten foot pole right now. Clearly I was expecting a bit more post vacation participation but judging by yesterday’s tape across the board we may remain stuck in this churn zone from hell until further notice. The upside of being a retail trader is that nobody can force us to participate in crappy markets. Instead let’s focus on the few symbols that look promising.

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July 28, 2016

Boxed In

As much as I hate FOMC days, I had somewhat hoped that Yellen would produce sufficient volatility to whack us out of the box in which we’ve been bouncing around in the past week. No such luck apparently, and when the market hands us a box of lemons, we’ll use it to make lemonade 

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July 15, 2016

Do Nothing

Due to recent developments here is what I should add to our current NQ campaign: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yes I know, your fingers are itching and it is oh so tempting to mock with a running winner. Why not move that stop up just a little or take a bit more off the table? But I strongly encourage you to simply let her run until she either arrives at her target or touches her trailing stop. Per. The. Rules. One of the toughest lessons to learn for some traders is to simply sit on your hands and let your winners run.

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