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October 20, 2017

No Casual Fridays At The Lair

Sorry guys but casual Friday will have to be postponed until further notice as we’re too busy banking coin and taking numbers. On top of a veritable laundry list of winning campaigns over the past few weeks we managed to grab a very fortuitous entry on the E-Mini yesterday right ahead of the opening bell. As I was a bit pressed for time Thursday morning I thought it worthwhile to share some of my pertinent perspectives today, i.e. what caused me to suggest this campaign in the first place and how my initial beliefs were confirmed later in the session.

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October 18, 2017


Over the past two sessions almost every market vertical suddenly turned on a dime, the one exception of course being equities as downside corrections have effectively been illegal since November of last year. You’d think retail traders would love it but it’s become increasingly clear that the pool continues to shrink, the only exception perhaps being the stubborn buy and hold brigade.

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October 16, 2017

Let Them Ride

Most of our ongoing campaigns seem to have survived the weekend and I very much hope so you have you. Now before you read on make sure to catch up on my Sunday update featuring this week’s top and bottom performing stock symbols, historically speaking of course as my crystal ball is still in the shop. Incidentally last week’s picks did very well adding 10.77% to the win side. Alright, let’s review where we are:

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September 26, 2017

Running On Three Wheels

I am still running my operation on three wheels after the data center running my hosting provider’s systems moved operations to a new location last weekend, allegedly without advising them (or me) ahead of time. I actually doubt that is true but it’s what I’m being told and I won’t waste time arguing with them as my focus lies in getting things back operational.

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