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February 2, 2016

Too Many Damn Setups

I’m having way too much fun this morning, which accounts for my somewhat belated post. There literally seem to be juicy setups crawling out of the woodwork and I just kept adding new ones while reducing exposure on others in order to reduce correlation risk. So without further ado let’s jump right in:

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December 18, 2015

Krampus Is In The House

The evil Santa theme I facetiously posted yesterday appears to have been more prescient than I would have cared for. Equities literally turned on a dime and continued to dive lower all day. Suffice it to say that I’m a bit miffed as we may have missed the boat here. In retrospect this was a good spot to grab some shorts but without a bit more context and only half a session after the FOMC announcement jumping into entries seemed premature. It’s conceivable that we’ll get another bounce ahead of Christmas but I’ll be honest – that was a strong move and the situation is looking pretty dire here.

On a side note: The whole ‘evil [...]

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December 17, 2015

Santa’s In The House!

Santa apparently came early this year and he’s ready to play! I hope you haven’t been naughty and stuck with our script or he may be paying you a special reeducation visit. Alright we’ve got setups setups setups! Equities seem to have held up well overnight and we seem to be on course for a continued squeeze higher.

The only fly in my ointment was the rather marginal Zero signal post FOMC announcement. Clearly very few players were participating ahead of time but I would have expected a bit more juice there an hour or so after the verdict. But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet – we’ll be monitoring the situation today and [...]

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September 30, 2015

Nicely Done

Quite a ride over in equities yesterday but miraculously the long positions I placed early in the day survived various shake out attempts. Thus far things are looking positive but don’t get too comfortable as we may see another attempt to scare the children today.

That was close! My stop was two ticks below 1860 and it almost got taken out. That would have been annoying to say the least. The good news is that we’ve produced a whole latter of Net-Line Sell Lines which on the hourly which should offer layered support on a retest.

AUDJPY – I very much like the configuration on the daily and am currently waiting for a little drop lower [...]

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