Riding The Swan

I just got word from my pal over at -273 who unexpectedly had some kind of creative epiphany which he channeled into the following t-shirt design:

Frankly – and I’m not saying this to pimp my own shop – this is one of the coolest shirts I have ever seen. I’m still laughing looking at this silly thing – it’s so dastardly obnoxious as the sheer notion of riding a black swan event borders the sacrilegious. In other words – this shirt uniquely captures the essence of Evil Speculator – it’s perfect.

I told those guys to keep the price low after some of you rats balked at v.1.0 and its price tag. However I decided to go with the higher quality American Apparel shirts and to keep things affordable to stick to one color only – black on white – simple and clean. I should probably know the price point in a few days, will let you guys know as soon as I hear back. Just so you know – I most likely won’t be making much money on this shirt – it’ll be a donation to the community and the majority of the profits for the first edition will go to -273.

Hope my stainless steel rats approve of this design – I for one think it’s hilarious :-)

No Evil-Wear

This weekend I finally had some time to work on the Evil Speculator t-shirt concept – what you guys think:

I like those little Dollar signs circling around his head – nice little detail and it makes Mr. Evil extra greedy 😉

Anyway, I got a price today from my printing company – they’re going to be printed on high quality American Apparel base shirts (i.e. high quality) and I was planning on selling them for $49.-. Any thoughts, criticism or input appreciated before I send them to the printer.

UPDATE 12:55pm EDT: Several people went apeshit last night when I announced the retail price would be $49.- and I took this post off to ponder about things. Guess what – it costs me about half of that to produce and ship them – they are American Apparel – not the cheap crap they sell you at trade exhibitions. Gave this a bit more thought and decided against producing these shirts as it’s going to be a lot of hassle for very little money.

For the record: people kept harping about ‘supporting the blog’ for months now in return for having received high quality analysis FOR FREE for over a year. But coughing up less than a bloody ES point for a damn t-shirt (which I would have to pack and ship) is too much to ask? I guess so, which comes to show that if you work for free you never run out of customers – LOL :-)

Anyway, it’s not a big deal – I wanted to have some fun with it but please understand that I can’t risk advancing several grant on a doomed project – I already see stacks of unsold t-shirts in my garage, not a tantalizing prospect.  Besides, even in the best case scenario it would have been a lot of work for very little money and the limited time I have is best spent on my own trading, supporting my subscribers, and finally the new company I just started in San Diego.

Yes, I’m a bit miffed about this but as always I’ll get over it – truly looking forward to my little vacation.



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