Back In Business

Tuesday night I suddenly found myself in world of hurt when, much to my chagrin, I realized that Google had stopped supporting an older authentication method used to access Google Docs (now Google Drive). This effectively blew my strategy logging code out of the water – however, even worse, it also started crashing them. Effectively I had two choices: either find a solution as soon as possible or remove automated logging altogether. The latter was only a option of last resort and I scrambled all day to find a way to implement Google’s new authentication method into my module. Unfortunately there was very little documentation available online – Google is pretty notorious about providing sporadic support for their APIs. The best you can hope for are code examples and tutorials posted by well meaning coders who already wasted a week of their life figuring it all out the hard way.

I don’t know how but I managed to scrape together enough information allowing me to produce a fix late last night. In the end I wound up posting it online in a few pertinent threads. As you can imagine I wasn’t the only one affected and a lot of people’s production systems came to a screeching halt. Now of course it was all my fault to begin with. Google’s old authentication method has been officially deprecated since 2012 and they officially pulled the plug on the 5th – for some reason they kept it running until the 25th. I should have known better but I don’t really keep up to speed with every damn API I’m using. That’s one of the reasons why I left that industry to begin with – your work never ends and it seems every other week they’ll change something just because they can.


Anyway, excellent entry opportunities this morning and I’m happy to be back in business. The spoos are back at the 100-hour SMA and I love the binary setup here, which is simple: Long above the NLBL at 2119.75 – short below 2116.75 – place your stop at the inverse trigger. Right now things are dropping lower so the bears may get their day. Seems like the bulls and bears are operating on an alternating shift now.


The NQ also not looking so shabby and I like the daily context. Similar idea here really although I don’t think the downside would really get going until after 4520.


EUR/USD – the trade I love to hate – long here with a stop below 0.1886 (it has dropped a bit since).


Gold – grabbing a long with a stop below the recent low. If it can’t hold 1190 I think it goes to 1170. Short trade below may be good medicine – whatever you do grab the August contract. Wow, this year is passing quickly….

Alright more goodies below the fold – please step into my lair:

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You have been briefed – now have fun but keep it frosty. See you guys later this afternoon.


Pre-Memorial Day Freebies

Let’s face it – most of you guys are pretty much outta here, and I myself am planning on taking Friday off. So for whoever is still left I’ll throw out a few juicy pre-Memorial Day freebies. Caveat – unless they start moving in the coming few hours I recommend you wrap them up or put your stop at break/even.


Spoos – if you still find them near that stack of Net-ines then a long position may be in order. I’m long here 1/2R with a stop  below the daily NLBL at 2113.25.


EUR/USD – ya’ll know I hate this trade but I’ll take it anyway. If that 25-day SMA gives way then we’ll probably retest the lows. Don’t think that’s happening just yet during the long weekend (yes, Forex will be trading Monday).


Wheat long near 515 with a  stop below 510.


Soybeans – grabbing a long here with a stop below 936.5. It’s soft support really – 1/2R only.


Gold! Very speculative long position here – 1/4R only. On a drop below 1202 we’ll probably retest 1195.

That’s it – see you later this afternoon. Now keep it cool and frosty and don’t get too crazy playing the swings. Remember, we’re going to see increasingly diminishing participation starting today – not that we saw a lot of it yesterday, except for that fake out spike to the upside.

You are not paranoid – they ARE out to get ya – watch your six! ;-)

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We’ve Got Movement

Despite yesterday’s lottery tickets the odds supported continuation lower and that’s exactly what we got. Early in the morning near the open there was a moment when I thought the bulls still had a chance – yesterday’s lows had held up overnight and we were slowly crawling higher. However shortly after the bell that low was crushed and it’s been a sea of read since. Let’s see where we are and where we may be heading:


The E-Mini is now touching its 100-day SMA and the easy part of the journey is over. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for the bears. We are most likely going to close below the daily NLSL at 2070.25 and despite a bounce we could easily continue lower afterward. As I’m typing this our current line of defense is the weekly NLSL at 2064 and if that one doesn’t hold we have a stack terminating near 2030. Below that the bulls are quite frankly screwed.


Yesterday I showed you guys this P&F chart and pointed at 2080 as a level to keep your eye on. Well, if we close below that – and the odds are high we do then we’ll finalize a double bottom break down on our SPX P&F chart. The current temporary target is 2020 – my money says we may drop lower. Again, if we bounce right here this may change again. A run back to 2095 would trigger a low pole reversal warning.

Oh – you didn’t see that chart? Probably because you’re not a sub – an unfortunate situation you should remedy! ;-)


Our crude campaign is proceeding according to our nefarious plan. What can I say – we got a perfect entry there and I’m holding this all the way. My trailing stop now advances to 56.07.


We’re not in this one but bonds have literally fallen off the plate over the past few days. I’m seeing very very soft support here but would not dare taking entries until price confirms that a low may be in place. Anyway, keep an eye on this one. If you’re short – don’t bloody touch it and let your trailing stop take care of you.


Very very nice setups tonight – I’ll throw one out for free the rest is for the subs only. Palladium – long above 796.80 – my stop goes below today’s lows.

Quite a few more waiting below the fold:

More charts and commentary below for anyone donning a secret decoder ring. If you are interested in becoming a Gold member then don't waste time and sign up here. And if you are a Zero subscriber you get free access to all Gold posts, which gives you double the bang for your buck!

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Did I promise too much? Now let’s go and get that money!


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