Trading The House Down

It’s been an extremely pleasant day here at my make shift West Coast lair. It’s the first day of spring and of course the weather once again is awesome in Los Angeles with temperatures in the mid 70s only interrupted by a few fluffy clouds here and there. Meanwhile it’s been super cold over in Spain and of course I don’t miss any opportunity to rub it in when sending vacation pics to my buddies in Valencia.


But not only that – while I have been busy shopping and running errands all over Los Angeles I somehow managed to trade the house down this week. The NQ campaign I posted yesterday morning alone booked full 8R at this point – it’s 16 but I only took 1/2% position size so it’s a bit over 8% thus far. I am advancing my stop to 4448 and just let it run all through next week. May I point out that this was one juicy entry as I pinned the very low of yesterday’s session.


Crude – I was almost about to pull this one today but luckily was too busy packing. Exited now with a juicy 2R profit.


Soybeans – also exited this one with a 2R profit. If you are in this one you may want to hold it as I think it has legs. The Mole however is going to be enjoying some much needed R&R in Mexico, thus holding a ton of positions during vacations is generally not a good idea.


EUR/CAD – just exited for 1R.


AUD/USD has banked me 2R as well I’m holding this one with a trailing stop.


And finally EUR/USD – also banked 2R here and I’m advancing my stop to 1.075.


In related news CrazyIvan has now breached the 100R mark as it now stands at a total of 105 – accomplished in 15 months with around 2500 campaigns. That’s a heck of a lot of trades but even given the crappiest b/a spreads and/or commissions it amounts to about a 150% gain considering compounding. I am very much looking forward to auto-trading CrazyIvan with a small select group of investors later this year. FYI – this is a closed group of people I know, so please do not contact me about participating. But you are always free to sign up for the signal if you can commit to three roll-overs each day (7:am/15:00pm/11:00pm Eastern).


And that’s it for the Mole for the next 10 days as I’m heading to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico tomorrow afternoon. The pic above shows my view from the little casa we rented all the way on top of the hills. If I can’t forget about trading in that place then there’s no hope for me. Not only am I in desperate need for a real vacation but given today’s profits alone I think I more than earned it – I really hope you caught some of those juicy entries as well. In my absence Scott ‘The Convict’ Phillips has generously offered to take over here at the lair, so I trust you are in experienced hands. In case you are wondering, during my absence all subscription services will continue to run as usual. If you need help with anything feel free to shoot me an email but please allow a bit more time than usual for a response.


¡Hasta Luego!

El Topo

Easy Prey

Yesterday I mused about my habit of sitting through panic spikes only to pick out easy prey once the dust settles. Well, today is that day and as we have plenty of juicy candidates limping past us we better get organized. This is it folks – time to get busy!


The spoos retraced quite a bit of yesterday’s advance and currently we are hanging somewhere in the middle of nowhere. No entry here unless we drop lower and touch 2065.


The NQ however ain’t a bad long here with a stop below 4410.


EUR/USD – as much as I love it back at 1.06, as a trader I just have to take a long here with a stop below the 100-hour SMA. If it drops below that then I win as well once I’m back in VLC.


Gold is looking like solid here and if it holds this NLBL we should be primed to pump higher. You have a choice between putting your ISL below that hourly NLSL or the 100-hour SMA.

Plenty more waiting below the fold – please step into my West Coast lair:

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Bonus Chart!


Strangely today’s momentum/participation is twice of what we saw yesterday in the ramp higher. Alright, tthat ought to keep you guys busy for a while – I’m grabbing breakfast now. Trading on the West Coast sucks – but I love the weather and the eye candy.


We Got Movement

We’re seeing an interesting failure on the equities side today – seems like it took a few people by surprise and so it should! Judging by the participation a large portion of traders has been locked out of the rally and participation continues to wear thin:


I’ve kept telling people to anticipate a sell off but to remain patient as I have not seen any technical context to hang our hat on. That may be changing now as this stab lower may not hold but will help us establish potential sell opportunities if it heads higher. Quite frankly that signal signature on the hourly Zero looks extremely strange and is starting to reek like distribution.


The E-Mini isn’t giving us much right now and I wouldn’t chase this move lower.


The NQ however is looking juicy on an hourly basis – I’m thinking long 1/2R here if it drops by a handle or so - put your stop below 4430. The context is pretty good above that daily NLSL and it’s worth to BTFD here. However, that said – if stopped out I am grabbing a short position as we may accelerate lower. Also, if it actually continues higher I will be looking for short opportunities – but let’s address that when/if we get there.


EUR/CHF update – this was the only one that triggered and it’s looking positive so far – this is the type of price action we want to see. If it manages to heave itself above 1.077 then move your stop to break/even.


Alright – we got a nice list of setups today – here’s crude which I want now with a stop below 49.6. Now bear in mind that it’s still in sideways churn mode and it will test your patience. Which however may be rewarded in the near future. When crude starts trending it doesn’t mess around.


As a side note – crude also seems to be a decent contract for trading Thor – here are the past five years. As you can tell it goes through phases – did very well in 2010 and 2011 and then went sideways throughout 2013 into early 2014. After which it took off like gang busters. There was a pretty lively discussion on the board yesterday on the topic of excluding badly performing symbols. This is an example of where I would not even think about excluding it – there is simply no predicting when it goes back into rocket mode again.


Gold however has been on a rampage in the past give years, clearly there was less trending potential in the past two years but it seems to be back in vogue now – at least via Thor. Looking forward to seeing more of that in the course of this year.

Alright – more setups below the fold – please step into my lair:

More charts and commentary below for anyone donning a secret decoder ring. If you are interested in becoming a Gold member then don't waste time and sign up here. And if you are a Zero subscriber you get free access to all Gold posts, which gives you double the bang for your buck!

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That’s all I got for today – see you guys on the other side!


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