One For The Road

This will be my last post before until Thursday as I’m heading out to catch my plane to Paris and then to Los Angeles. This actually works out better than having to take the AVE to Madrid and then grabbing a flight to L.A., especially now that Iberia apparently has apparently ceased servicing the direct route. Let’s just hope those frogs won’t be on strike today – you never know, but at least it’s still out of season over here in Europe.


Suffice to say that I don’t even know what time it is anymore – over the past week I have slowly delayed my sleeping cycle and am now operating on Eastern Standard time. The idea is to pop a Xanax on the plane and hopefully not being awaken by the fat guy they’ve invariably booked right next to me. Anyway, Scott has graciously volunteered to post tomorrow, and his timing couldn’t be any better as we have plenty of movement across the board.


So let’s talk tape! On the Zero we’ve had a pretty wild day with swings on both sides of the spectrum but still favoring the short side. However I do see a bit of a divergence on the hourly (left panel) which is probably due to the fact that we had barely any positive signal spikes yesterday. You guys are probably wondering where we may find support, let’s see:


The E-Mini futures are hanging somewhere in limbo and the only context I see is the weekly NLSL at 2036.5. We haven’t touched it yet and I would like to see that before I suggesting taking partial profits.


I’m posting the weekly and monthly NQ chart here in order to give you guys a bit of perspective. I don’t really have to say it, right? Just look at this monthly panel and marvel at this beautiful trend to the upside. That’s a one in a lifetime move, folks and you’ll probably have to heavily invest in cryonics to ever see anything of the kind again. Now, we are near the monthly NLBL at 4348 here and that ought to be good for a bit of support. On the weekly we got 4286 and 4201.5 plus the 25-week SMA in case we drop lower. I think we’ll probably see an obligatory bounce first.


Update on my open positions – Gold remains lackluster and I’m closing it out with meager profits. The CAD pairs all got stopped out but at least at break/even – so I got out clean on those.


GBP/NZD is on a roll now and I’m advancing my stop to 2.0628.


GBP/CAD – almost got stopped out on that one by a tick! I’m letting this sucker run and keeping my stop at break/even for now.


CAD/JPY – stop out with tiny profits as it turned on a dime. Keep an eye on this one guys – I love the context on the daily and we are now back at the 25-day SMA plus a few Net-Lines. Perhaps you’re able to grab this one long above the SMA or short below it.


ZF – that was a very speculative entry but it’s slowly grinding higher. Stop now at 118.200 – very comfortable to keep this one running while I’m stuck at 35,000 feet.

And that’s me signing off here in Europe. You are in good hands (i.e. Scott) and our open positions are flashing green. Subs – everything is running as usual and I’m going to put up new Thor setups (if there are any) in the next hour. However if there are any unforeseen problems then you’ll have to wait around 24 hours before you’ll hear back. Alright, that’s it for now – I (hopefully) see you all state side.

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Way Too Many Setups!

That’s right – you read that right. Way too many setups today! Germany is leading Portugal 4:0 right now and I would rather be watching the game right now. Sometimes I myself cannot fathom the sacrifices I’m willing to make for you guys. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about – you must be either American or living in a cave. Just so happens the rest of the world is watching the world cup (football) right now – call your Latino friend if you have one, he’ll explain it to you.

So let’s get to it – we have a ton of charts to chew through:

The spoos are attempting a run after scaring the children one more time (as predicted this morning). It’s looking good right now but unless that 100-hour gives way nothing happens.

Here’s the SPX cash – as you can see we already triggered an IP-L – we may also paint a hammer today which would be a good long play. Soylent Orange is still in play but we have to see how forceful the run higher will be – assuming it materializes.

I meant to keep this one for the subs but they’ll be spoiled enough today so here we go. Beautiful double hammer on the YM – good support below in form of the 25-day SMA. I prefer this one instead of the spoos.

Platinum – I must be insane giving this one away. BEAUTIFUL shooting start slash inside day right on top of the 100-day SMA. Also lines up nicely with the recent lows. Amazing setup and not one to be missed.

Okay, one more – we have plenty to spare today: NZD/JPY – RTV-L as well as IP-S. Either way looks peachy.

Quite a bit more below for my intrepid subs:

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Did I promise too much? That ought to keep you guys occupied for a while :-)

4:0 Deutschland gegen Portugal. Vielen Dank Hummels und Müller, gut gemacht Jungs!!


Monday Morning Briefing

Welcome to our morning briefing. Here we are reviewing short term setups ahead of the NYSE opening bell. If you are a scalper or swing trader then these setups may be of interest to you. As usual keep in mind that these are short term setups although they could be used as early entries for more longer term positions.

So the GBP/JPY is painting a pretty distinct divergence right now. Not a reason to grab long positions but it’s an early warning sign that we may see a bounce today.

The conditions are favorable for a dead cat bounce at least – here’s the hourly SPX cash. As you can see it’s managed to hold the 100-hour SMA as I previously suggested. The SMA is still rising however and that puts the onus on the bulls to stave off further selling. Even if we see a push higher today however there is still the possibility for it turning into a dead cat bounce. We’ll have to closely monitor the internals today – so keep an eye on the Zero Lite for divergences and early signs of monkey business.

Here’s the hourly spoos in the context of my BBs – we’re somewhere in the mid of nowhere right now. What’s interesting is the tentative rising diagonal it’s producing. We may see a quick stab lower near the open to scare out some of the children – I don’t think the bulls are in real trouble until below ES 1916.

But we have work to do this morning, so let’s get rolling. Here’s crude which looks like a good buy above 107.39. Stop below 107 – and I mean below, don’t tack it right there.

EUR/CAD – attempt to paint a floor and although we may see a retest of that NLSL I want to be long above that 100-hour SMA.

If you weren’t a sub last week then you may be experiencing a pounding pressure in your cranium. May I suggest a dose of Excedrin – Oberyn Martell strongly recommends it. Less invasive (home-grown organic) treatment available below the fold:

More charts and commentary below for anyone donning a secret decoder ring. If you are interested in becoming a Gold member then don't waste time and sign up here. And if you are a Zero subscriber you get free access to all Gold posts, which gives you double the bang for your buck!

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P.S.: No skulls were crushed during the production of this post.

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