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January 21, 2016


We’ve got a nice selection of setups this morning but let’s catch up with equities first. There was follow through overnight but as emotions are running high and bear avatars are in short supply we’re now descending lower once more. Very productive actually as we just may be building an intermediate base here.

The short term panel is now suggesting resistance near ES 1890 which just so happens to line up perfectly with a brand spanking new NLBL on the daily. So if we drop a bit lower today and the Zero is favoring a drive higher then that would be my target range. However if we run today then 1890ish is where I would start looking for a possible [...]

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February 27, 2015

Long Term Equities Update

It’s been a while since we’ve covered equities exclusively and as the month is coming to an end this is as good an opportunity to catch up. As you all know I have been dangling the ‘late stage bull┬ámarket’ carrot for a few weeks now and quite frankly I don’t see any reason to change that outlook. I have been very adamant about expecting a final exhaustion spike higher and believe that is already in the works. Now before you start piling into puts be aware that we may be weeks, perhaps even months away from a downside event. So hold your horses and for now just enjoy the charts in preparation for where we heading most likely later this year. Enough weasel [...]

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September 3, 2014

Feeling Volatile

The comment section has gone into flatline mode so I must assume that many of you guys are enjoying an extended weekend. Well, the market waits for no man (or woman) – since it’s only the hardcore crew I’ll be brief but I will make it count as we have nice setups today:

So I told you guys to short near 2010 and judging by the thundering silence none of you rats did. A bit frustrating, but not for yours truly as I pocketed some green on the way down. I can tell you where the good spots are but if you guys don’t pull the trigger – well, refer to┬ámy comment in the intro.

Now what does this chart above tell us? Quite a bit of short term [...]

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May 30, 2013

The Onus Is On The Bears

Once again the onus is on the bears to drop the ball and they’re doing a smashing job of it. When it comes to rolling over and running for the hills at the slightest sign of buying pressure the remaining gang of grizzlies can’t be beat. Darwinism at its finest and I guess four years of Pavlovian conditioning with a cattle prod does leave some psychological marks.

I’ll be quick tonight as I am knee-deep in slinging code and want to put CrazyIvan into alpha testing by the end of this week. The greenback was no match for Bernanke’s foot as the daily stomping near its key inflection point of 84.5 was more than it could take. Down she goes and it [...]

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