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Endless Bummer (comment clean sweep)…

Endless Bummer (comment clean sweep)…

by Sir MoleDecember 23, 2009

Michael Davey here (but not there)

Mole is busy with the final touches to Operation Congealed Shadow for 20Ten and I’m here with a quick comment clean before hitting Interstate-5; while my 14 yr. old monitors quotes from behind the deck.

Who says video games are a waste of time? This kid’s kicking my ass this quarter. Two more years and he trades the portfolios while driving my ass around. I’m pretty sure I can handle the quotes.

This is where I would love to chide the bears, in an admiring sort of way – admiring their heroism, strength and good fortitude [ I should not fail to mention I have tried my hand short a few times this past couple months as well]. But I am not making any money yet this quarter myself; ramming and jamming, only to end up slipping and sliding, while only my brokers finding coin under the tree this week.

I should chide us both!

Chinese growth is acting up again today (finally), as the Dollar rally finally shows some amount of break-down. This is worth watching, since if the non-Dollar currencies can keep pressuring Greenbacks the remainder of the year, then some of the biggest equity winners this year (such as the Chinese growth names registered in the US) can drift higher from now to 31 December.

In a normal year (ha!) the year’s biggest winners tend to get accumulated right to the last day and then have a bit of a bad week at the beginning of the next year. Taxes + Window Dressing + lack of volume/supply has everything to do with this.

That and they just look so good going up; lovely glint highlighted by a soft offshore breeze.

We’ll talk more about the beginning of next year later. In the meantime, since it is still the end of ’09 at moment and the Dollar has (perhaps) stopped rallying – don’t do what I do and certainly then, don’t look at RINO (Rino International); which is coming to life (or not) on strong, rising volume.

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