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Fiat And Gold

Fiat And Gold

by The MoleFebruary 14, 2013

Thus far that daily NLSL on the E-Mini is holding up just fine, once again suggesting that buyers are willing to jump in and drive this thing higher at the slightest dip. Since Christmas we haven’t as much as touched a NLSL – today we missed it by one tick.

But let’s talk about the Dollar and then we’ll look at gold – let’s start with the greenback. Much to my surprise the DX managed to climb above that diagonal resistance line as well as its 80 mark today. Yes, this is rather positive but ole’ bucky is far from being out of the woods.

The monthly panel show us that it’s been unable to get out of the gate all last year and that the 25-month SMA right above ought to be good for some resistance. Currently it is trading above its 25-week SMA, which has been served as a brick wall since last November. If it manages to climb above all that then there’s still that multi-year diagonal which awaits 82.5. I hope we get there as it would be a tremendous trading opportunity near a very meaningful inflection point.

Gold finally took off to the downside of that sideways triangle – I had no idea which way it would break but I did suggest that it would pick up some pace either way. If you took that entry near the lower diagonal then there’s nothing to do but to follow the 25-hour SMA at this point.

The monthly panel has us below the 100-week SMA, which actually was the basis for the lower border of that sideways triangle. This breach could have significant implications thus catching this entry was very important to me (and to you). Yes, this could still be a false breach, so don’t get comfortable just yet.

Similar story on silver – after giving up that 25-day SMA it never looked back. Next significant hurdle awaits us near 29.6 where we’ll meet that 100-day BB.

A few setups for my intrepid subs:
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Currencies – the GBP/JPY is kissing its 25-day SMA right now. Looking as weak as airport coffee and I’d be short here with a stop above that 25-hour SMA.

NLBL retest on AUD/USD – I love those retests and will use it as my inflection point.

Bonds – the 30-year once again is back at its diagonal – trying to drive everyone crazy, this one. If you haven’t taken out a position this is a great spot to take either a failure here or a breach higher.

Sugar has descended back to its diagonal support line. It’s been holding up for months and I’ll be long here until I see a breach lower.


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