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Going Quiet

Going Quiet

by The MoleMarch 31, 2009

Quite frankly – I’m not feeling it here lately. The comment count has gone through the shitter and the quality of comments right with it. Yesterday night I asked you guys for long candidates so we can ride that Minor wave 3 rocket all the way up. I just scanned the few comments since last night and see nothing – zilch – nada – nichts.

Rats – I have been working day & night lately and am worn out. When I ask you guys to participate I expect at least some minimal effort. And frankly, it’s been like pulling teeth lately – I keep producing like a machine – post after post after post – and I get fairly little in return, except for the same questions over and over again. The comment count is going down – not sure why. And it’s not the market as I see plenty of bears participating over at the Slope – T.K. can hardly keep up with his crew. Man, I wish I had a blog like that!

So, I’m going to go into quiet mode for a while – how long I don’t know – maybe an hour, a day, a week, or a month. It seems that my time here is neither appreciated nor rewarded.

That’s where I’ll be with my lappy – working on evil.rat and sipping on Margaritas. And please spare my any postings along the lines of ‘how much appreciate the blog – blah blah’ and ‘how you’ve only been so quiet because of [fill in paltry excuse of your choice]’. What are you guys – rats or mouth breathing leeches? Because there’s only a place for rats here – and they pull together and collaborate. I’ll be back when I see quality return to this blog.



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