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Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

by The MoleOctober 22, 2010

If you’ve bothered to drop by here on a regular basis for whatever mysterious reason then you know that I rarely talk about gold. As a matter of fact in the past year I can recall only two occasions when I had a strong opinion about the shiny stuff. The first time was this May after I made a lot of new friends (cough cough) over on the SOH by announcing an imminent drop in precious metals and the other time was a week ago when I told everyone to get out of long positions.

The arrows mark those two occasions. Thing is – I don’t even care about gold – it’s a pain in the ass to trade and everyone I know doing it has been burned (either short or long). Maybe that’s why I have an easier time calling it – I don’t give a flying rectum about where it’s going. And neither do I care if all you lemmings drop over a cliff tomorrow Wiley Coyote style after having chased an exponential curve to the upside. The Mole will be doing just fine sipping a glass of Cristal and enjoying lap dances by smoking hot girls the likes of you only see in magazines (which you are hiding from your nagging wife).

In any case – maybe some of you over critical wankers want to take the Mole’s work more serious next time (yes, I’m doing third person today). Otherwise have fun on the other side of my trade.

Yes, I’m in a feisty mood today – do you feel lucky, punk?

The Mole will now accept offerings of obsequious praise, free German beer, and preferably Spearmont Rhino gift cards.

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