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by The MoleFebruary 4, 2010

Now might be a good time for you dirty rotten bastards to order your ‘evil speculator riding the black swan shirt’ – or in short, your personal evil-tease (click on image):

Remember, I don’t make a dime on those to keep the cost down.

SPX is red across all sectors – it’s a bloodbath out there – starts looking like Hades down in the pits. NYSE A/D ratio currently at 0.1113 – this is not a typo. For the noobs – that is BAD.

I think we can expect a bounce around the 1060 mark – not a big one – just enough to let this third wave sub divide and lead us towards 1035. After that the abyss awaits – get your fucking evil-tease – you will need them for the occasion.

I wish there was a subtitled version – you rats have no idea how applicable the lyrics are.



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