Have you ever bought anything thinking you were getting a good price, whilst hoping the value of your item would increase in the future? Well, guess what – you are a speculator!

Did your ever stock up on Christmas decoration after the holidays when you could grab them for barely nothing? Again - you are a speculator!

Did you ever pre-qualify for a home mortgage before purchasing a home? And was this nefarious action the result of a suspicion that mortgage rates may increase in the future, and that you wanted to look in a good rate? You probably guessed it – you are a speculator!

Although we have seen a lot of politically convenient speculator-bashing as of late – it’s quite acceptable to speculate on your personal interest, and in particular when it comes to investing or trading for profit.

As a matter of fact – if it wasn’t for us ‘evil speculators’ none of the financial markets of the last two hundred years would have been able to function. So, are we really ‘evil’? Yes – but only during trading hours, plus we’re only ‘minor league evil’ compared with hedge fund managers. ;-)

Here are some of the evil deeds we have committed over the past few years. If you’re new around here then this is a great starting point to get up to speed on how we do things around here:

Human Nature 1.0

Perception Vs. Reality

Setups Vs. Predictions

What Is Skew?

Keep it Simple

Filter It – Information Diet

Evil Spec the Site History

HFT & Market Manipulation – it’s real

‘Do Nothing’

Up with Zero, Down with Elliot

Bias will ruin your account

Zero emotion – data decisions only

Equities are an Illusion

Being Unpopular

Stainless Steel Rats & a certain cat.

Ignore the News

Finely honed game

Trend Trading 101 – Fearless

First Pothole

Coffee is for Closers

VIX buy/sell setup – The Gift



Market Weather


More On Quant

Position Sizing

Fresh Baked Mandelbrot

Banking System 101 – Part 1

Banking System 101 – Part 2

Origins Of Bias

Evil Speculator 3.0

Entries Do Not Matter

Is Your Forex Broker Ripping You Off?

    Zero Indicator

    Darth Mole Alerts

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