Have you ever bought anything thinking you were getting a good price, whilst hoping the value of your item would increase in the future? Well, guess what – you are a speculator!

Did your ever stock up on Christmas decoration after the holidays when you could grab them for barely nothing? Again – you are a speculator!

Did you ever pre-qualify for a home mortgage before purchasing a home? And was this nefarious action the result of a suspicion that mortgage rates may increase in the future, and that you wanted to look in a good rate? You probably guessed it – you are a speculator!

Although we have seen a lot of politically convenient speculator-bashing as of late – it’s quite acceptable to speculate on your personal interest, and in particular when it comes to investing or trading for profit.

As a matter of fact – if it wasn’t for us ‘evil speculators’ none of the financial markets of the last two hundred years would have been able to function. So, are we really ‘evil’? Yes – but only during trading hours, plus we’re only ‘minor league evil’ compared with hedge fund managers. šŸ˜‰

Here are some of the evil deeds we have committed over the past few years. If you’re new around here then this is a great starting point to get up to speed on how we do things around here:

How To Debug Your Brain

Flawed Technical Analysis And Misconceptions

Stop Focusing On Price

Fixing The Flaws In Fixed Fractional Position Sizing

Evil Speculator 101

Human Nature 1.0

Why You Fail As Traders

Perception Vs. Reality

Setups Vs. Predictions

What Is Skew?

The Myth Of Mean Reversion

Keep it Simple

Filter It – Information Diet

Evil Spec the Site History

HFT & Market Manipulation – it’s real

‘Do Nothing’

Bias will ruin your account

Zero emotion – data decisions only

Equities are an Illusion

Being Unpopular

Stainless Steel Rats & a certain cat.

Ignore the News

Finely honed game

Trend Trading 101 – Fearless

First Pothole

Coffee is for Closers

VIX buy/sell setup – The Gift



Market Weather


More On Quant

Position Sizing

Fresh Baked Mandelbrot

Banking System 101 – Part 1

Banking System 101 – Part 2

Origins Of Bias

Evil Speculator 3.0

Entries Do Not Matter

Is Your Forex Broker Ripping You Off?

    Zero Indicator

    Darth Mole Alerts

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