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January 31, 2010

Trouble At The Evil Lair

The recent announcement of Apple’s iPad ruffled some feathers at the evil lair:

No wonder AAPL has been tanking lately – Adolf has launched a new Blitzkrieg against Jobs’ HQ in Cupertino. I just came back from the Bay Area and I must tell you – it’s nothing but blood and tears up there. And rain, of course there’s that never ending sulfuric rain. It’s like a scene out of Code of Duty – World At War – only with a Starbucks with free WiFi on every corner.

Tim Knight is MIA – rumor has it that he is hiding in his nuke proof bunker with a five year supply of MREs, several cases of Dom Perignon, and a [...]

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January 29, 2010

Tough Love for Tender Bears

Okay, I’ve wasted as much time as I can stand trying to embed this video into the page (apparently WordPress won’t cheapwad guest-posters who are not paying for their own account; who has time to for that?)

Michael Davey again – that’s right, the guy who comes on here and beats a dead horse, saying yet again that the bigger waves in a market move (down in this case) are more worthy of attention than the retracements (as in the counter-bounce we’re still waiting to see).

Consider only this, as you sit back and enjoy the weekend.

-Corrections fall faster that advances rise (and with more energy). -Big moves in a market surprise nearly [...]

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January 29, 2010

Living Inside a Broken Clock: Friday, Jan. 30, 2010

Obama finds that the tides don’t listen to his beautiful speaking voice.  Foreclosures are being forecast to reach 3 mm in 2010 vs 282 mm in 2009 – remembering that banks are doing whatever they can NOT to foreclose and have to mark to market.  .Gov assistance programs are ending.  Debt loads remain high, and unemployment continues to take a toll. Delinquencies are rising sharply. Meanwhile, Moody’s says that the economy will die if .gov measures are withdrawn too quickly (read “at all” into that). I’m getting awfully tired of all these apocryptic warnings. Can’t “they” see the economic wasteland that is already all around [...]

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January 29, 2010

Why Most Retail Traders Lose

I’m back in Los Angeles – happily so I might add. Don’t get me wrong, I love San Francisco and I had a lot of fun but – what can I say – I’m a Southern California boy 😉

So, someone today (either gmak or Michael) posted the following chart this afternoon:

Geronimo’s Come Back

Geronimo’s most recent 20 trades, 17 winners and 3 losers.

Now, I haven’t verified these numbers and they might be off. Why haven’t I bothered? Because I frankly don’t care if anyone subscribes at this point. Because geronimo didn’t come back – it never left! This thing has been printing coin for [...]

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