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by The MoleOctober 1, 2018

Alright folks, summer is officially over and it’s time to put our bathing suits away and our game faces back on. My statistics tool shows us only one mildly bearish trading week ahead but this one ranks historically slightly on the positive side. And starting mid October we are finally heading into solid low volatility printing coin territory. No guarantees of course but those are the stats.

Let’s not forget that equities held up extremely nicely throughout what is traditionally considered the most bearish quarter of the year. So the odds of the bears pulling an early fall surprise are diminishing steadily.

In terms of monthly stats we are literally going from rags to riches. While September ranks among the lowest earning months of the year, October historically is considered the 2nd best.

But the entire quarter is when equities traditionally produce the vast majority of profits. So it’s game time, everyone!

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Campaign Updates

The E-Mini is pointing higher right now but I’m not too eager to chase the current advance. If it deigns to produce a little shake out lower to around 2926 I’d be game however.

Crude is on a tear and I’m not advancing my trail by a few more ticks to about 2.2R. And Maduro may just live another day.

Less pleasant looking is our ZB campaign which made me eek this morning as I didn’t expect such a quick stab lower. I know – Spanish Inquisition and all – never ever think you’ve got it in the bag until you’ve got it in the bag. Quite honestly this looks like a stop out to me unless a magic bid materializes. I don’t believe in magic and I don’t even like magicians in Vegas.

King Dollar looking GOOD and is more than making up for the unpleasantness of crude. I’m now advancing my trail to 1.5R with anticipation of another rip higher.

Our USD/JPY campaign now also trailing at 1.5R – it’s in total squeeze mode and the goldbugs are feeling it. I really hope some of you guys caught at least one of these, otherwise point your browser here and sign up as a Gold member.

The EUR/USD is slowing down a bit and I expect a bounce at some point. However technically we are still a bit in limbo and any exploratory long campaigns will have to wait until a drop to at least 1.154. I will of course keep you abreast on any entry opportunities, should they arise.



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