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Bad Taste

Bad Taste

by The MoleDecember 12, 2008

I’m really ticked off tonight after catching up on the comment trail. Listen people – this was some very nasty tape today and guess what: Despite all odds the Zero called today’s market at 12:00pm EST with the first ETA. Did we get some whipsaw in between? Yes! And we also got a green signal that disappeared again when the market snapped downwards. I didn’t enjoy that either but that’s what they call an active market.

There is no way of fixing that guys, as thinkscript only allows for parsing of current data, which contains all previous data points in the series plus the current one. And the current one changes. There is no way of keeping state in thinkscript. The only alternative would be to paint the entry signal AFTER the completion of the current one but then folks would complain that the Zero triggers too late.

You never want to optimize an indicator for whipsaw markets, and you also never optimize an indicator so that it works for all types of traders. Since many of you leeches seem to have no idea what trend trading means it seems that I’m fighting a losing battle here. But here are some salient points:

  • Trend trading is not swing trading!
  • Trend trading is not scalping!
  • Trend trading does not occur on an hourly basis.
  • Trend trading usually has a majority of failed trades and a minority of winning trades. If your system has an edge the winning trades make up for the failed trades and then some.
  • Trend trading is not about being right most of the time – it’s about being right those few times when it counts (i.e. when a trend forms).
  • Trend trading does not work in whipsaw markets.
  • Trend trading can only work in trending markets.

Despite all the above the Zero seems to call the market’s direction accurately in a majority of the cases plus it actually visualizes for you the state of the trend which is difficult to do with traditional indicators. It even called the direction today, and admittedly it didn’t just point up at 9:30am and stayed there. Sorry for not building a crystal ball – I’m working on it.

Seriously, it seems all you guys come here with different agendas and expect the Zero to support YOUR kind of trading. That’s not how it works, which is why I have posted rules and also added visual cues. Now those cues are not good enough anymore as they might drop off during the current candle. So f….ing what? If the VTA does not hold then wait a minute and then close out your position. If it comes back then wait a little longer before you enter a trade again, or to be safe, just wait until the sig is permanent. I mean, I cannot teach you guys the basics of trading and neither should I have to.

I can’t believe you guys are complaining about a trade alert disappearing when the market takes a sudden plunge to the downside. Quite frankly – when that happens it’s good that the damn VTA disappeared! Maybe these are times you realize that it was a failed signal and you head to the sidelines. Happens all the time – if you are trend trader. I mean, I have posted a month’s worth of signals, which are so fracking accurate, it’s almost scary! But not one single comment about that – it’s all like: “Yo, your VTA disappeared – what’s up with that?” –  “Can’t you make the Zero work with Pork Bellies?” – “What does the short green line mean again?”

I’m not running a Kindergarten here and I thought that I made myself very clear here in the past few days. Have spent a lot of time writing a thorough tutorial and then I worked all week to make the Zero look like the way you guys asked for. But it seems nobody is getting it, and I’m starting to wonder if I should just pull the damn thing off the blog and trade it on my own, because I personally know that I can bank coin with it.

There won’t be a weekend update because I really don’t feel like contributing anything to a bunch of cry babies. And once more, just to rub it in: The Zero called the market today – show me another indicator that did. And you guys complain?

I don’t get you leeches…

UPDATE Sunday 2:00am EST: BTW folks – the Zero page is not ‘gone’ – I just unpublished it while I’m working on the tutorial. Today I finished the new updated case study of the latest 3.5 version – believe me, it’ll blow your socks off on Monday morning.

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