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Bear Trap 26.0

Bear Trap 26.0

by The MoleOctober 22, 2009

This is turning into an extremely lousy day on my end. Not only is disqus broken, the Zero was down, geronimo had an empty alert – but now the market whipped back up like a mofo and I was forced to go back into cash which wiped out all of yesterday’s gains.

This does NOT look like an a-b-c to me – no matter if we suddenly drop tomorrow. This increasingly looks like a sub dividing third wave in development, which makes me wonder what the fuck yesterday’s drop was, because it wasn’t an a-b-c either by any measure.

I hate to tell you this guys but it’s getting to the point where I cannot trade this market anymore – none of my indicators work anymore and the ‘smart’ guys are the guys who simply keep buying every dip. So, I’m outta here for today and hopefully by tomorrow fucking disqus support actually bothers to help me fix this problem.

I remain unable to fix this comment problem and have contacted Daniel over at disqus – so far I have not heard back. This is what I need you guys to do – please send an email to and copy to – maybe that will ‘inspire’ them to take action.

3:03pm EDT: Here is Daniel’s response:

I sent it about 5 minutes after we spoke on the phone. The problem may be on our end; we’re investigating another issue that may be related. You can read updates here:
I understand the issue is frustrating, but encouraging your readers to email me will not make me recognize the problem more. I already think it is important. If you do not think Disqus works for you anymore, I’m sorry to see you go to another service.
Best of luck,
First up I NEVER received any email from him until I wrote him again myself. What’s even worse is that this is all I get back after calling him (don’t ask me where I got that number), filing a support request on the site, and emailing him personally. He’s basically saying – yeah, this ‘might’ be their problem and btw ‘good luck’ – doesn’t seem to care if a few hundred people email him and he’s telling us to just go away. That’s the level of support we can come to expect from disqus – they are not worried at all about losing a blog who’s being read by 50,000 active traders a month.

BTW, what Daniel does NOT know is how much money I lost fucking around with the site while the tape was running up like a mofo. I could have started to scale out of positions a lot earlier and this was some very expensive timing on their part.

I assume Daniel is one of he founders as it’s a start up – so, complaining to anyone else in the company probably is going to lead to nowhere. If someone can suggest a stable alternative please let me know – it’s time for a change I think.

A very angry Mole.

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