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Bear Wedgie Monday Wrap Up

Bear Wedgie Monday Wrap Up

by The MoleOctober 22, 2012

Right from the get-go it was pretty clear as to what type of day we’d be seeing on the spoos. For the uninitiated here’s the recipe for a Bear Wedgie du jour: First we need one or two strong sell off days with a very supportive Zero signal (see below). Then (and quite often it’s a Monday) comes the slow down grind which winds up flattening during mid session. Meanwhile the Zero Lite is of course going completely flat. Throw in some non-confirmation on the currency side and you know what’s coming near the bell. Let’s watch:

And there you have it – bear wedgie á la carte. Well, two nice Mole scalp signals in there, did you catch those? Yes, yes – I’m working on it – all that blogging is cutting down on my coding time 😉

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