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Bitcoin Just Touched 60K – Quick Thoughts

Bitcoin Just Touched 60K – Quick Thoughts

by The MoleOctober 15, 2021

It’s been an awesome run for us in Bitcoin for the past few weeks, but let’s face it: the easy money has been made now. With Bitcoin once again near all time highs I’m seeing early signs of alts bottoming across the board.

Which is of course what we’d expect after a period of bitcoin super-performance.

Now we have a textbook buy setup in Ethereum/Bitcoin which is a prerequisite for altcoin outperformance.

And making money in bitcoin is sort of a gateway drug for rolling into altcoins.

We love altcoin season for a reason. But it’s way way easier to buy alts if you’re betting the casino’s money, i.e. profits you’ve already banked holding bitcoin – like for example my subs did for the past few weeks 😉

In summary: The future is looking extremely bright for us!

If you’re ready to jump on the crypto gravy train then shoot me an email over at RPQ and we can chat on Zoom.

OR just dispense with all the pleasantries and just sign up here.

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