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Bonus Quicky

Bonus Quicky

by The MoleApril 7, 2009

Here’s a quick little bonus update since so many of you have volunteered to beta test evil.rat πŸ™‚

NYSE breadth was decidedly negative today, despite the low participation (or maybe because of it). We are creeping towards our separation point around the 810 – 812 zone. Once we bust through that we either get an expanded flat (see psalm 47:1-34 in our bible) or at least a running flat (psalm 48:1-39). We’ll know pretty soon where this is heading – tomorrow should be the day. My money is on green at this point – unless we see some quick snap to the upside at the open this thing is going down.

Gold pushed back a little, which was strange as the Dollar was up as well. Be this as it may – I think we turn around at or before 890 and proceed further down from here – my preliminary target is the 830 region at which I would scale out of my May puts and wait for a more meaningful a-b-c correction of some sorts. As you all know – Gold has its own mind and sometimes can let you waiting when you think it’ll move and run away from you when you are waiting for a counter move. But thus far my momentum indicators suggest that there is more downside and that would also fit into the current wave count. Of course, if we suddenly start to race to the upside from right here and breach the 960 mark then it would seem that the move starting February 23rd was an a-b-c consolidation. So, in a way this is the ‘uncle moment’ for our favorite precious metal.

The base code for the notification module of evil.rat (or any strategy thereafter) has been completed and I will now begin testing the notification system for a few days with about 50 intrepid volunteers (yeah yeah, I said 20 – but I just can’t say no to insistent begging -LOL). This will give me a chance to put in any final tweaks. I had already tested the basic notifications via my logging console, so this will be about the format, timeliness, and sequence of messages received. Damn, I have coded almost non-stop for the last 10 days or so and can’t wait for tomorrow. It’ll probably all blow up completely but that’s what beta testing is all about.

That’s all I got for tonight – I’m going to watch 24 on my Tivo with Mrs. Evil.

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