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by The MoleOctober 17, 2014

Make no mistake – very few humans are actively involved here. The comment section looks pretty deserted today (short of tumble weeds passing through) and it’s one of many signs that anyone with a pulse feels pretty exhausted at the end of this week. Of course the market Mole knows no mercy and here are a few more charts for you stragglers before I send you off into a well deserved weekend:


Seems to me that the bots are driving this – they have on the way down and although there was a bit confusion regarding the script yesterday they’re back today in full force. I don’t know if they are scaling in our out there but thus far the mojo I’m seeing on the Zero leaves much to be desired:


I don’t think you need to be an expert chartist to see what I mean. Pretty solid divergence there almost since the open and we keep meandering downward. Could be a trap of course but silly games will not save this quarter, so if the bull wants turkey for Christmas he’s got to get a move on. If this divergence holds we may just slip away late in the session, but let’s see – it’s Friday evening, everyone’s gone and the bots are having a field day with it.


The gaps I’m seeing on the VIX are not exactly confidence instilling either. As you can see we have dropped back to 22 and change but volatility of volatility continues to expand. Not a sign of a healthy market. Perhaps everyone was waiting for some scraps of hope from the ole’ Yeller today. By the way if you’re up for a good laugh then check out this little jewel – and I quote:

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Friday expressed deep concern over widening economic inequality in the country and called for tackling issues such as early childhood education and encouraging entrepreneurship to help narrow the gap.

I almost blew over my old Apple Cinema display when I saw that, hilarious. Maybe that should have been a concern before we threw over a trillion dollars into the arms of our esteemed banksters. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate cynicism at its finest but please – don’t insult the remains of my intelligence.

But I digress – if you want to know what makes equities tick I suggest you look at the short term panels which contain our best clues. Please join me in the lair:


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And now it’s time for me to attend to my [second] favorite Friday evening past time:


Have a relaxing weekend – I’ll see you guys on Monday.


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