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October 14, 2015


Yesterday’s session started as a bear trap but then slowly transitioned into the first significant selling pressure for the past few weeks. Bulls and bears alike were getting reamed and staying ahead of the tape took quite a bit of doing.

The trap at the open was rather obvious. If you were a Zero sub then you must have paid attention to a distinct non-confirmation during the first gab down (right panel). Most interestingly the signal remained flat during the fast advance higher, which sometimes simply suggests a stop run initiated by institutional traders/bots/prop desks. However the failure at VWAP was the first sign that further weakness may be in the [...]

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July 7, 2015

Picking Up Pennies Behind Steamrollers

The Ozzie RBA announced their interest rate decision early this morning when you seppo rats were still in deep slumber. Not much of a surprise move really – the expectation was 2% and that’s exactly what we got.

Now Skynard and his impetuous ilk hailing from their respective lairs down under seem to prefer doing the chicken dance in front of the Ozzie steam roller. Did anyone read my post yesterday on not taking risky setups in this volatile market phase? Dr. Kurtosis will make you guys his bitch one of these days. Why do I bother…

Now, as you know I myself enjoy preying on disorientated victims after the storm has passed.  Yes, that’s [...]

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June 9, 2015

Wait For VWAP!

A few of the hardcore rats and yours evil truly watched the Zero like a hawk this morning and thus managed to squeeze in a few longs near 2076. I take it most of you guys weren’t that adventurous (and most aren’t Zero subs) so here’s your next best chance to grab some long exposure:

Alright, here’s the script on how to play this: First you most definitely wait for a VWAP retest. Don’t chase it and wait until you see the white in their eyes. Most likely they’ll have some fun with it and attempt to scare the children a little with dip below VWAP. If you see price recover there or kind of hang around until near the end of the session, [...]

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April 21, 2014

Kicking Off This Week

Today is another national holiday over here in Spain (Easter Monday) and thus I’m posting the morning update a bit earlier as usual as my entire day shifts around a little. As some of you know I have been coding the entire long weekend in order to complete a much anticipated CrazyIvan release. It’s pretty exciting stuff and I’ll be devoting an entire post to explaining what all the hoopla is about. But in the interim I have a ton of very juicy short term setups on the roster this morning – especially Forex is off the hook. So if you’re around it’s time to get busy folks – let’s wield the iron while it is hot:

Starting [...]

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