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Diminishing Returns

Diminishing Returns

by The MoleJuly 3, 2013

Apparently today was July’s biggest POMO auction and I wasn’t exactly surprised to see a low participation bounce here off the pre-NYSE lows. However when it comes to free Fed cash pumping days there increasingly appears to be a diminishing reward/input ratio. Really, $5 Billion and this is the best they could do? I’m not impressed…

As we’re going to finish today in limbo let’s however remind everyone what’s at stake on Friday and most likely going into next week. The two inflection points until Tuesday night are the Net-Line Buy Level (NLBL) at 1614.25 and the Net-Line Sell Level (NLSL) at 1594.75 – the 19.5 handles in between should be considered no-man’s land – little edge unless you play the swings. That’s all there is to it – no further thinking involved.

Since most of you cats are bridging into Monday all that’s left is for me to wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing 4th of July weekend.

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  • ridingwaves

    Happy 4th of July to all the US rats and their families. I think the treasury auctions today took some edge off equities via pomo…jumped in vix end of today…cheers to all and thank you Mole for your awesome trading blog and your mad market skillz

  • Darkthirty

    pumping ES, distribution?

  • wvobiker

    Am I correct to spot the first A/D negative divergence in a long time?

  • Darth_Gerb

    If you want to make coin, frequent this blog. If you want to be entertained, buy some sparklers.
    Have a 4th. It may be our last. ARE you listening NSA? put me on the RED List.

    yep, 20-day, street CRED.$SPX&p=D&yr=0&mn=3&dy=0&id=p28964907271


  • molecool

    Sounds like Darth Gerb just passed over to the dark side of the force…

    Happy 4th!

  • Darth_Gerb
  • Skynard

    /DX on the other side of fence now:)

  • convictscott