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Eking Out Some Profits

Eking Out Some Profits

by The MoleDecember 2, 2014

It’s been some turbulent pre- and then post-holiday tape; but by courtesy of our policy of fading the noise and by choosing our victims carefully we have been able to eke out some profits. Once again I’m seeing a lack of participation in the comment section which suggests that many of you are missing out on ill gotten gains.


That’s unacceptable for any self respecting steel rat. Don’t make me call the Techno Viking! He’ll sort you out!


That was some prime rib AAA entry on the spoos this morning. It’s still early to tell if it’ll hold but if you’re in this one then I suggest you hold it, assuming that we close above the 100-hour SMA today.


AUD/NZD was one of our setups for the subs yesterday. We ventured into this one as the weekly was scraping a pretty established diagonal plus it had peeked outside its lower 100-day Bollinger. Almost a picture perfect entry there near the close of the session and thus far we’re good about 1/2R (since we only played 1/2R). I suggest you move your stop to break/even now.


The Forex side is bestowing us with two kick ass setups today which both have weekly implications. I can’t believe I’m throwing this one to the wolfs but nobody seems to be trading anyway. Anyway, I’m long here with a stop below 1.2355 BUT what I really want to see is a breach of that mark which may lead us into a slide lower. So this is the play – long right here and anything below the green line is bearish territory.


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Bonus Chart:


The Zero has been producing very nice Mole scalp signals today. However note that the signal range on the Zero Lite today is very small (i.e. < 0.5) – so we are NOT out of the woods just yet here. I think the close will be important which is why it’s a condition of holding on to today’s ST longs.

That’s it for today – now get to work steel rats!


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  • Gold_Gerb
  • Billabong

    All the majors are on buy signal watch….

  • Billabong

    GC is hanging in there. Even with the spike down yesterday, the 17 Nov low wasn’t broken.

  • Billabong

    Still short HG using SCCO since the 26th. Looking at SCCO support around 29.50 and I’m now seeing a mixed signal in HG. Currently +1/2R SL.

  • molecool

    Looks like we’re going to close the session right on top of the 100-hr – they’re really teasing this thing out.

  • Billabong

    Painful process … where’s Santa? It’s the season of giving not tormenting…

  • molecool

    Patience grasshopper 🙂

  • Scott Phillips

    In real life Mole looks not dissimilar to technoviking

  • Gold_Gerb
  • Gold_Gerb

    ..he did, take your appendix.

  • molecool

    Oh, you thought I was kidding? I’m cloning myself a new and improved steel rat.

  • molecool

    I wish I had his moves!

  • Billabong

    Aren’t you in Bangkok enjoying the good life….

  • Ivan K

    It is actually $$ season !

  • Dodov

    Don’t forget it’s a week after thanksgiving day and it’s still not over, I’m waiting for Christmas rally to start on the next week

  • molecool


    ¨°º¤ S H A K E N ¤º°¨

    ¸„ø¤º° B A K E !“°º¤ø„¸


  • Ivan K

    An update on what is possible … courtesy of a student successfully applying the guided self-discovery approach … combined with my L.I.V.E.T.M. concepts / setups / CM and MM (parts, or variations of, which are in both Crazy Ivan and Thor) … based on an active intra-day activity in a single market … achieving yet another milestone … 6 months into a time-limited RBT.

    The next challenge … for both of us … is stepping beyond the ‘obvious’ glass ceiling … the barrier between reality and practicality.

    Despite the clear robustness of his RBT … the daily committee on the shoulder is a phenomenon that we both deal with daily … is this real … despite the results … will this last ?

    Whatever the definition of a ‘statistically valid sample’ may be … after over 1000 campaigns … the Equity Curve speaks for itself … and the committee still persists … tho with decreasing volume … a respite for both the student and moi during our daily voice debrief sessions.

    Is this the magical ‘Holy Grail’ … no it is not … it simply is the WIP (work in progress) of a process that began almost 2 years ago … with a clearly stated ‘destination unknown’ comment from my side.