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Final Attempt

Final Attempt

by The MoleOctober 20, 2009

Okay, let’s try this one more time – and if I am looking at an empty comment page again when I come back from brewing my favorite Trader Joe’s Pomegranate/White tea mix then I’ll put up an empty index page – I’m dead serious. You rats can call me whatever you want or refer to me as a whiner but no participation on a day like this is absolutely unacceptable. I tolerate lack of intelligence, inexperience, and empty chit-chat but I will not – let me emphasize – WILL NOT accept complacency and laziness at the evil lair.

You want to be called stainless steel rats? Well, you better earn it! And before you’re march off because your gentle spoiled Western ego has been bruised by evil and abusive Mole you might try rubbing your remaining IQ points together. And maybe – just maybe you’ll realize that I might have a point – that we’re all here on a daily basis trying to beat the best in the game – yes, the same goons who’ve been driving this tape up for seven months now on nothing but vapor, thereby butchering your short trades. So, if you want to be that hot shot trader ready to retire sometime in 2010 then you better show up for work.

Alright, I’m probably completely wasting my time – but maybe someone out there actually finds value in what I post.

I see a divergence in the force – maybe it’s mental masturbation and every time we had one we got only a handful of red tape. I can’t promise that this time will be different but such is life in the big casino they call the markets these days.

2:40pm EDT: See what happens when I draw a line on a chart?

That’s right – I’m done screwing around. Seriously now – this was an easy short trade for a day – now let’s see if this line actually holds.

3:50pm EDT: Since most of you guys have difficulty reading and writing here’s a little multimedia for you – grab the popcorn:

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