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Final Day To Snatch Up My Masterclasses

Final Day To Snatch Up My Masterclasses

by The MoleAugust 9, 2019

If you’re like me then you always end up postponing your chores to the very last day if in any way possible. Like cleaning out your garage, getting your prostate checked, getting an oil change done, flipping your tires, filing your taxes, fixing that hole in the roof, buying one of Mole’s masterclasses  – you get the idea 😉

Well, how time flies, because the final day is upon us. It’s not the final day of reckoning – thank the Lord – but it’s almost as consequential. For it is the last day you’ll be able to buy one of my exquisite masterclasses here at Evil Speculator – and for a huge discount!

  • My Price Action Masterclass– a comprehensive tutorial on reading and understanding price action without the use of superfluous indicators and having to throw darts at your charts.
    Free introduction class here.
    $97 instead of the regular RPQ price of $297.
  • My System Building Masterclass– a massive tutorial on building non-fragile trading systems from the bottom up that not only stand the test of time but are designed to satisfy your particular needs and requirements.
    Free introduction class here.
    $147 instead of the regular RPQ price of $497.

Meaning you are getting both classes for less than 1/3rd of the official price!

So don’t waste any time and buy either series right now while they are available at a highly discounted price. Because this offer ends this evening, after which it will not be available again here on Evil Speculator.

Again, I want to make it very clear. If you email me on tomorrow and ask me to make an exception… no dice. It’s OFF THE MARKET FOREVER as of EOB today.

So let’s talk about second chances. This actually something I covered a few months ago but it beats repeating and the recent gyrations on the E-Mini serve as a textbook example of how Ms. Market keeps running hit jobs on hapless market participants near market lows.

What happened here of course is that we bounced higher and at that point the eternal question arose: Does this rally have legs or are we looking at a dead cat bounce? Well – you never really know which is why taking out a long position this early is tantamount to a lottery ticket but with better odds (see Wednesday’s post).

Now what happened of course is that Mr. Mole underestimated the market’s ability to swing much lower before pushing back higher. We looked at IV and the odds and recognized a 68% chance of a 25 handle bounce that very day. But instead we dropped almost 60 handles (i.e. outside a standard deviation) and I got stopped out.

Now I could have put my stop much further away but that would but my position size in half – which would be fine but I was only deploying less than 1/2% in the first place. What I do instead in these situations is to let myself stopped out and re-enter on a quick bounce higher – which happens over 60% of the time.

Had it been a slow grind higher over the next day or so I may actually have turned bearish but quick stop runs like these are usually reversed fairly quickly. My stop is now at break/even and the campaign is currently scraping 1R MFE. Meaning it’s at break/even monetarily assuming this thing continues higher.

Which isn’t guaranteed I may add. If you look at the daily you see three quick candles higher interrupted by a ‘let me think about it doji’. It’s good that we’re trading > the 100-day SMA so quickly again, but progress has to be made today and next week or this thing can quickly turn lower again. And to be honest I don’t think the fat lady has sung yet.

If you’re a sub (if not sign up here) then you probably remember our gold campaign from a few weeks back which took quite some time to get out of the gate. Our patience however was finally rewarded and it’s been sweet profits ever since.

I just advanced my trailing stop to the 3.2 mark as the medium to long term picture suggests we are looking at a bit of whipsaw here after painting an exhaustion spike on the daily/weekly panels.

The monthly still has three weeks to mature but no matter how it closes it opens the door to a completely new secular market cycle for gold and precious metals in general. I had been watching this market with anticipation and am extremely happy about having been able to grab a seat on the first bus out.

A special goodie below for my intrepid subs:


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