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For Those About To Rock

For Those About To Rock

by The MoleNovember 20, 2017

In case you have been hiding under a rock this weekend I’ve got good and bad news to report. In true Evil Speculator fashion let’s start with the bad news first: Malcolm Young died this weekend and rock & roll will never be the same. I was literally close to tears when I heard as Acadaca (how it’s often pronounced down under) was a huge inspiration not just for me but for my entire generation of troublemakers, and it is probably single handedly responsible for at least 10% of reported hearing loss in the West.

What most people don’t know is that Malcolm wasn’t just the band’s guitarist but that he wrote most of the riffs you probably identify with sound of AC/DC. The featured video shows one of the most popular ones but there are literally hundreds you would immediately recognize as being typical for AC/DC. So this one is for you Malcolm. I’d say rest in peace but wherever you’re heading it’s going to be anything but peaceful. Good on you mate, and thanks for all those kick ass riffs. We salute you.

Now I promised you good news as well: Only a day later, on Sunday, Charles Manson the notorious cult leader and serial killer died. Which cheered me up quite a bit to be honest. I’d say roast in hell mofo, but that’s where I and all my friends are heading so I hope whatever remains of his soul just gets recycled and turned into fertilizer.


Anyway, so I just took out an E-Mini long position with a stop below 2566.5. Main reason is that I very much like the formation on the hourly panel which is actually a bit more pronounced on the Zero:


Clear divergence there and I couldn’t take Friday’s dip lower too serious as the Zero signal was pointing up almost the entire time. If you’re not yet a sub then I suggest that you remedy this situation lest you may find yourself on the other side of your campaigns 😉

I’m not going to be too active this week as it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday and thus I don’t expect too much activity after Tuesday afternoon and going into Wednesday.

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