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Frantic Friday Rub Down

Frantic Friday Rub Down

by The MoleJune 5, 2009

There is nothing good about this tape that can be said as a retrospective:

Trading today’s spasmodic gyrations was like taking a whiff out of a bag filled with lightly aged gym clothes – it wasn’t fun, smelled horrible, and there were very few men left standing. I managed to eek out some profits by completely ignoring everything else and simply swing trading the futures a little. I however took a bit of a hit in the program trading account today:

Program Trade Report:

evil.rat/ES: -1.25
resident.evil/ES: -8.5
resident.evil/NQ: -10.25
geronimo/ES: -6 (we had one winner and two losers here – the latter being the max for this strategy)

I’ll be in touch on Sunday – as usual – had a net plus week but it was way too much work and the tape was despicable at best. Damn it – I can’t wait for fall for mid-July – I’m going to get medieval on those bulltart bastards – just for all that nasty tape they exposed us. As they say: Revenge is a dish best served cold 😉

8:30pm EDT: I just parsed through the comment section and am seeing a lot of rising tensions and quibbling over nothing. Not sure what’s going on but it needs to stop – and that now. We are all in the same boat people and need to pull together to make it through the next two years financially solvent and with a future for ourselves and our loved ones. To emphasize my point I’m posting a clip on Argentina, a country whose citizens just lived through what we are about to face in the not so distant future:

Who cares about who posts what and how often they are right or wrong. I’m contributing on a daily basis and am not asking for anything back – maybe once a week I see a trade in the comments I like. My purpose here is to provide an anchor point – a nexus if you will – that allows us all to collaborate and prosper. I also suggest you go back and re-read my Stainless Steel Rat post – this might also be an opportunity for some righteous noobs to grasp why we call each other rats around here.

Remember – rats only survive by working together – I know it’s been tough after three months of bulltart insanity – but let’s keep it together and come back Monday with a good attitude. Think positive steel rats!! 😉


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