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FX Kama Sutra

FX Kama Sutra

by The MoleOctober 19, 2011

Knowing how puritan you yanks all are I had to find a non insulting picture as to protect your precious feelings:

And there you have it – hope this will keep the sexual harassment suits to a minimum this time. By the way if you log in from Germany you’ll actually see a naughty Swedish duo dressed up in leather and equipped with whips and a gallon of motor oil used as lubricant.

Anyway, just for shits and giggles I’m starting a new theme here which I call the FX Kama Sutra – this should make a valuable addition to your currency aficionados out there and hopefully will bank us all some might coin. Plus it’s a great opportunity to drag some of those naughty currency pairs through the proverbial dirt – not a world’s first (just ask the Bernank) but most definitely never been done from this angle.

Again, the leeches get one free and the rest is for my intrepid subs:

Indrani position as the NZD is attempting to deep drill ole’ bucky. The Kiwi is well endowed but right now it’s still questionable whether or not the daily NLSL at 0.7889 can be breached. As you can see that level also lines up nicely with the region between the lower 25-hour and 100-hour BB. I would love to see a retest of 0.7889 and then get positioned long. If stopped out then I simply flip my position around and take a trade in the other direction – ahem…

I got two more – please step into my love chamber of doom:
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[/amprotect] [amprotect=1,13,9,12,5]

The Lotus position as the EUR is about to deliver a deep thrust into the CHF. That daily NLBL at 1.2412 was just breached and I think this could be good into 1.3ish. As I’m typing this we have dropped down a little and I suggest a stop slightly below the hourly NLSL at 1.2416 – or 1.2411 if you like it risky and want to use a little less protection 😉

Clasping position on the USD trying to mount the CAD, which for some reason is trying hard to get and wants to do it with the lights out (in case you ever wondered why my charts are white on black – that is why – you can be a lot more sneaky this way). Now I really like this setup as we have a NLSL face a NLBL – and thus you know what to do: Short on the breach of the NLSL and long on breach of the NLBL. Also worthwhile noting is the cluster of support near 1.0082 we are currently enjoying on the hourly panel.

So IF we drop toward the daily NLSL at 1.0101 and then fall into that support cluster a long position may be warranted. Of course you flip that bitch over if she starts give you any trouble and happily take on the inverse position. NO, not that one – I meant going short instead. Depraved bunch of rats!!


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