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Hair Club For Traders S01E01

Hair Club For Traders S01E01

by The MoleApril 23, 2018

Scott and I had been talking about doing weekly video updates together and after getting my act together technically over the past few months I finally ran out of excuses not to do it. So this is it folks – the Mole is coming out of the closet, and instead of the usual Monday morning update I hope you will enjoy season 1 episode 1 of Scott & Mole’s Hair Club For Traders.

An errata regarding my explanation of positive vs. negative SKEW – I don’t think I explained it well in the video. Clearly the neckline on positive SKEW is on the right side as the peak leans to the left.

I know this may be confusing to many, and a great way of remembering this concept is that the mean is larger than the median, thus it’s called positive SKEW. And why is that? Because the average is less affected by many of the negative outliers.

With negative SKEW it’s the other way around. The mean is now smaller than the median as it is less affected by all the positive outliers and the neckline is to the left while the peak leans to the right.

Outliers will always affect the median more than the mean, and once you understand that single concept then SKEW will make complete sense to you.

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