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Hell Week Rub Down

Hell Week Rub Down

by The MoleMay 1, 2009

For fuck’s sake – I don’t think I can take much more of this shit:

I think if the Zero was helpful at all today then it was in keeping you guys out. The manipulations have become so blatant that trading has now turned into a game of Russian Roulette – with elephant gun bullets. BTW, as I’m typing this (4:10pm EDT) they keep pushing this thing up – the NQ is now at 1400 and the ES at 877.

Again note how participation has shrunk as we stayed within a +0.5/-0.5 signal channel on the Lite all day – the Goldman boys are running the tape, everyone else has capitulated at this point. Taking positions has now become tantamount to sticking your dick into a wood chipper. Cash is king baby – cash is king.

Not sure what to tell you rats. I’m not taking positions until we either see a massive rally or a major drop – anthing in between is financial suicide.

I see you rats on Sunday – as usual. Now I have spousal b-day duties to perform – it’s not as bad as it sounds 😉



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