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Idiots Galore

Idiots Galore

by The MoleMarch 3, 2009

UPDATE 2:31pm EST: Some guy (anonymous coward) called me an idiot because of my short squeeze picks:

what an idiot! The shortsqueeze website gives you data from 15 days or more than that. Usually NASDAQ releases that data every 15 days. It is not current.

Of course lovely Keirsten had it right, as usual:

Read again on their web site
“Members receive short data 1 – 3 days before NASDAQ’s publication release date”

Guess what, pal – I’m a member and those screen grabs I posted are as up to date as it gets.

What a self-entitled asshat… comes here to freeload, never contributes and then calls the host names.

FYI – abusive comments like that not only get your user id blocked but also your IP address – ooopss…

UPDATE 2:42pm EST: Nice rally we got ourselves here. Here’s what I see:

Either this is the beginning of 4 of (5) or it’s a lower degree consolidation before we drop further. Really tough to say right here. I’d play it cautiously either way. Only time I will dip into puts with any fervor will be around 760.

UPDATE 3:16pm EST: Does anyone know a good hosting company?

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