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Inside Day Mother Lode

Inside Day Mother Lode

by The MoleSeptember 10, 2012

Put down your fishing rods – it’s play time! Seems we somehow hit the inside day mother lode today. And what makes today’s session even more interesting is that it’s happening after some very long candles across the board. What else could an evil speculator ask for? Alright, don’t answer that…

Let’s jump right in – here’s one of today’s favorites: Very small range and inside day after a massive sell off last Friday. I would love to see a long entry here but never underestimate ole’ bucky’s suicidal tendencies.

Turn the Dollar chart by 180 degrees and you get the EUR/USD. You know the drill – if you do not then I recommend you consult my cheat sheet.

Next runner up – EUR/JPY. Also very small range day – let’s hope it’ll hold until the session close.

EUR/CAD – also very passable ID + NR4. But it’s been a bit indecisive as of late – which is a double edged sword. Less probability of a clear break out but if she does then she may take the express elevator.

CAD/JPY – ID + NR4. Could also be a retest variation sell – again if that is Mandarine to you then check the cheat sheet.

AUD/USD – you guessed it. I am loving this and even more so if we get a short breach here.

Even gold is joining the fray – and again after a huge short squeeze candle. It’s still not eatable but the setup is picture perfect. I would take either direction.

And of course – the spoos – same idea. Very contained candle after a long preceding one. This is the stuff we rats live for.

I’m also seeing an ID over in crude but I don’t like the range and the whipsaw as of late. However, that said, if we get a long breach tomorrow I would hold my nose, set my stop below 96, and take a long position.

Honorable mention: Update on recent activity on my 1-min Mole prototype. I won’t be able to implement this into a real blackbox system until about mid-October when I plan to setup my new dev equipment here in Spain. Personally I can’t wait and as promised I will share each step and some pertinent theory on the blog.

Alright – this should keep you guys busy for a while. Enjoy the freebie!


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