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Intra-Day Update – Shorting LVS

Intra-Day Update – Shorting LVS

by MoleSeptember 26, 2008

Since Mole has been stepping up his game on the blog here since the “crash” in his clout, and I am sitting on heaps of cash since about 10:00 this morning,I have been watching LVS for a re-entry here lately.  I grabbed a nice short position on the 19th, right before close (illustrated by the blue circle).  When LVS was up nearly 6% today while the markets have been churning around their bottoms, I found a nice entry.  LVS had poked outside the 2.0BB on a very small timeframe, and had pushed into the proper fib retracement levels.  I grabbed a partial at the second blue circle on the chart.

I am eyeing the OCT 35 Puts…

I am waiting for a break in the orange uptrend line before I grab the rest of my position, and I thought I would put it in front of you too.  I checked yesterday, and a 10-day ATR on LVS rung in at 4.57, yes, roughly 15% a day.  Boys, it is a mover, and the front month IV is fairly high.  IF it moves in our direction, you need not worry, but a move against you will likely push your limits.  Follow me into the Abyss at your peril….I’ll see you at the gates!


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