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Let’s Get This Straight

Let’s Get This Straight

by The MoleJuly 7, 2021

So I got laser eye surgery a month ago and I still can’t shoot lasers out of my eyes. What the hell. Either I’m doing this wrong or I am going to ask for a refund! Alright, I’m kidding of course. But half of it was actually true. I did get eye surgery a few months ago but it was to repair some of the lasting damage done to my left eye during my hyperactive thyroid adventures.

Unfortunately that surgeon turned out to be a huge disappointment as my vision barely improved post surgery. So I did more research and narrowed the list down to one of the best experts in Europe. And he just so happens to be located in Barcelona, Spain.

So you can probably guess where I’m heading tomorrow: North toward Barcelona, which may sound exciting from a distance, but from where I stand it’s just another overpopulated city full of impatient people who keep honking at me for no reason.

In case you care to know: The end goal here is to fix the double vision I’ve had to endure for the past 15 months or so. Which isn’t fun, especially if you work in front of a monitor all day.

(cue world’s tiniest violin)

As strange as this may sound but I’m really looking forward to it. The guy is supposed to be one of the best in repairing strabismus in adults, which differs significantly from the condition found in children.

It’s easy with those cross eyed little buggers. Put ’em to sleep, snippity-snip, wakes up, here’s a lollypop, and off you go. We old farts on the other hand are a much more complex challenge as our muscles aren’t as flexible and often have been damaged by fibrosis due to some secondary condition.

Which is exactly what happened in my case. Most likely I won’t ever regain my full visual range of movement but if they are able to just get things straightened out within a 30 degree radius I’ll be happier than a fat kid at a hot dog eating competition.

Assuming of course I pass that stupid PCR test they insist on, which I’m taking tomorrow morning in Barcelona. If that comes out negative I’m scheduled to be under the knife on Friday.

Anyway, don’t wish me luck because we tried that last time and look what good it did. Just try not to blow up your trading account while I’m gone, okay? I should be back on deck next Monday, hopefully with full stereo vision restored.

P.S.: If you want to help out then buy one of my damn courses. Barcelona is expensive! Plus heaven forbid, you may actually learn something productive during my absence! 😉

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