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Locking In Some Profits

Locking In Some Profits

by The MoleOctober 13, 2017

While Europe Germany is experiencing an economic boom despite a strengthening Euro (how wrong was I on that one!) it seems that the U.S. economy continues to be mired in problems. Core CPI numbers were just released and settled below the Fed’s 2% mandate for the sixth month in a row. Not surprisingly the Dollar got pummeled in response (bad economy = dovish Fed) which on the other hand caused a welcome boost on several of our ongoing campaigns. Let’s review the futures followed by forex:


Our saint like patience with soybeans has finally been rewarded and after a massive spike like this I can’t help but lock a good portion of the MFE. Trail now at ~1.25R and if I’m getting stopped out today I’m not going to worry about it as the roll over is looming next week.


10-year bond futures – here I’m a bit more conservative with my trail as I see long term potential. Stop now at ~1.25R and hopefully having left enough room to survive a late session shake out. Absolutely love the daily formation which looks extremely bullish now.


Natgas – a.k.a. the widow maker. Well, not this time, ladies – I’m advancing my trail to 0.75R and I think there’s enough momo left to stay in the game until next week.


Crude also getting out of the gate – that short term formation had caught my interest and thus far seems to be resolving as hoped. Stop at break/even so we’re in good shape.


On the forex side we have NZD/USD which is now being trailed at 0.75R. That’s a beautiful reversal on the daily panel and if it can make it > that NLBL at 0.71671 then we may have ourselves a runner here.


Also locking in about 0.75R on the AUD/USD after a push to 1R MFE. Also great looking daily formation – I’m jazzed!!


AUD/NZD unfortunately got stopped out – fortunately it was at break/even! 😉


USD/JPY just had to be the wet blanket. I guess these days if in doubt bet against the Dollar. Stop out at ISL and I think we may be looking at a more extended reversal here. Which means no long campaigns here for the near term future.


Looks like the ole’ Mole is going to be eating meat this weekend and I hope you guys won’t be stuck at the salad bar. If you’re not a subscriber and missed out on any of the campaigns above then this is for you:

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