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Not Amused

by The MoleOctober 19, 2016

I don’t care what party you belong to or what your political beliefs may be – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Constitutionalist. But when evidence of organized wide scale vote rigging comes to light then it is time to pay very close attention. As a naturalized passport carrying U.S. citizen the claim that systematic voter fraud may have been going on for several decades deeply depresses me. If the most basic mechanism of the democratic process – i.e. voting – has effectively been subverted then the edifice of our nation is crumbling and may just come tumbling down.

I have made it very clear on many occasions that this is not a political blog. I don’t care what you think about Trump or how much you hate Hillary, Obama, or anyone else. This is not about them, this is all about us and whether or not we are going to permit wide scale vote rigging and fraud to occur. And if these are truly nothing but baseless accusations then at minimum we owe it to ourselves to address and investigate the purported evidence objectively in a bipartisan manner. Unfortunately all I am seeing right now is the drum beat of partisan shills and biased opinions aimed at swaying the November 8 poll results. It seems that too many of us have become victims of an entrenched blue team vs. red team mentality. Let’s remember that in the end we are all fighting on the same team – the United States Of America.

Is this really the future we are going to leave for our children? A world in which democracy, liberty, and the value of money have lost any meaning? Our forefathers are truly spinning in their graves…


I’ve never been a gold bug but perhaps not so coincidentally precious metals are looking pretty good here. Already grabbed a position earlier this morning but you may want to wait for a little dip lower. My stop is below 1258 which should keep the stop bots at bay.


Silver – also a long either here or on a dip lower. Stop should be below 17.5, if this thing takes off I’m sure it will be preceded by a little shake out. So don’t be too greedy and keep it at least one daily range away (i.e. daily ATR(14).


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