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Sentiment Update

Sentiment Update

by MoleMarch 9, 2012

Sorry I (volar) have been out- traveling and sick FWIW.

Not much to say- love to watch GGBY at 1100%.

Most of my indicators are NOT extreme, but here are a few that are extreme.

I have come to like the CSFB better than the skew as it is cleaner, but both show similar smart money OTM put buying.

Here is consensus inc % bullish. I admit my other surveys are not extreme, but it is worth noting.

And RYDEX is interesting as well.

Now remember I was a big buyer of RBOB on the breakout.. but this is getting FULL retard. I want to talk gas prices as they will fubar the global economy if we keep this up.. no ifs or buts about it.

First here is sentiment.

Here is the COT-unreal… crowded.

The funny thing is fundamental data is in the toilet! Cmon… this is a bubble if i ever saw one.

Now I will say seasonality is positive, but the cracks are retarded as well..

I think she peaks early, but that is a guess.

But keep in mind the cracks are full retard…

This chart means refineries will produce gasoline- like we even need more of it LOL…

And if you like mental masturbation.. there is always elliot wave…

Many of you have seen this chart (looks just like brent), and as i was saying for months now.. she was due for a breakout. In any case, if she fails the high she has a long ways down IMO.

Best of luck unbiased trading,


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