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Still In The Game

Still In The Game

by The MoleApril 16, 2015

Boy that was a close shave this morning – one tick lower on the E-Mini this morning and I would be out in the woods right now kicking over trees. Just kidding – you’ve got to take things in stride, even if you get swiped by a tick. For the record – you will always see me put an ISL on my chart with a < sign – which means that you should put your stop BELOW it. In particular you always want to avoid full numbers – except on entry triggers.


That’s where we are right now – quite a little bear trap this morning, extending all the way down to 2089 – those cheeky bastards! But let’s be honest – I got lucky here as I could have easily have scraped a bid. Better sacrifice a chicken burger to the Market Goddess tonight? And yes, of course it’s a she! 😉


If you are still not exposed after Tuesday’s hammer then today is probably your next best opportunity – and it’s binary. Be long above 2104.75 and short below 2089. The daily context here is really excellent as we’re straddling that upper diagonal on our sideways triangle/wedge.


Here’s crude which has been holding steady – the weekly panel shows us kissing the 25-w SMA and that’s our first theoretical hurdle. Why theoretical? Because it hasn’t been touched in eons – which in itself speaks to the velocity on the way down. It’s still early days and we could easily switch back into shake out mode. But so far so good and my stop is still at break/even.


ZL – soybean oil – looking pretty good here straddling the 100-hour SMA and it’s also near the 25-day SMA. I’m going to be long above today’s highs and short below the lows.

More juicy setups waiting below the fold for my intrepid subs:


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And that’s all I got for today – keep it up everyone and let’s continue banking coin like bosses 🙂


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  • Skynard

    Potential for another leg up on the 5 min div. Think the bull is in the bag:) WTH, we are in a trading range rats.

  • M E

    I’m on a streak. But it’s due to not doing anything. Long indexes and Long CL and it’s been this way for a while.

  • molecool

    That’s how it goes – cut your losers short and let your winners run.

  • mugabe

    RSP . the s and p 500 equal weight etf – made an all time high yesterday. (closed a tad off that high today)

  • Toby Horne

    short hit on S&P

  • HeadNShoulder

    that’s literally guerilla attack, still unable to find any related news. DAX getting hit hard too, straight dive to -1.9%

  • HeadNShoulder

    However one thing for sure: just check zerohedge and they will probably come up with any news related, LOL

  • trader wantabee

    Hey Mole, did you say something about that spike in the Zero from Tuesday has high probability / previous experience of leading to a big dump down a few days later??? That’s a nice correlation.

    In other indicators, a few days earlier Tim Knight had posted that he was considering giving up trading. It seems that was a huge foretelling we would go down, lol.

    I am pleased to report I have woken up at 6 am and did treadmill exercises 5 days in a row, which is a drastic change in discipline for me. I have also refrained from doing any virtual trading, and have been studying the system building posts, and am going to start hand back testing a theory. This is foreign territory for me, so I’ll probably get it seriously wrong, but baby steps / gotta start somewhere…

  • HeadNShoulder

    He did give mole some credits on his giving up speech. That mole remains the very few under “adaptation” category. lol

    Wait a min, did TK just deleted his post? Can no longer find it on the site.

  • molecool

    ) ) ( )
    ( /( ( ( ) ( /( ) ) ) ( /(
    )()) )( )) ( /( )())(()/( ( /( ( )())
    ((_) (() /((_))(_))((_) /(_)) )(_)) ) (_))/
    | |(_) ((_)(_)) ((_)_ | |(_)(_) _|((_)_ ((_)| |_
    | ‘_ | ‘_|/ -_)/ _` || / / | _|/ _` |(_-<| _|
    |_.__/|_| ___|__,_||__ |_| __,_|/__/ __|

  • trader wantabee