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T. G. I. F.

T. G. I. F.

by MoleSeptember 18, 2009

Anna wrapping up here.

What a week this has been! There is no relief for us bears, every single dip, the bulls rush in and buy it up like a kid in a candy store. Traders that are now long, are protected with puts on their long stock, so instead of selling, they have the puts for protection and don’t need to sell. Thus the VIX and $TRIN is less reliable.

The dollar had a slight bounce today, but equities are still up, Gold/Silver slightly down and IMHO just consolidating for a higher move yet.

Zero again was spot on with it’s entries and exits as you can see on the zero light.

I had a good week, but wore a bullshito costume much of the time or scalped in and out. This being OPX I really didn’t put allot of stock into today’s price action.

Here’s to our Mole having one heck of a great vacation and getting his mojo back, probably the tape will have a nice drop, since he won’t be here to see it. Have a great weekend and let’s see what Monday has in store, Keirsten or I will chime in from time to time this weekend, but this bear-ess needs to rest her eyes. 🙂

I mentioned to several this morning we would end up right where we started and bingo almost exactly to the number!

Update on Geronimo…………..Geronimo was up 1.25 today. Two trades, one successful for + 2.5 & the other closing with a loss of – 1.25.

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