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TARDIS Trading Techniques

TARDIS Trading Techniques

by The MoleApril 10, 2014

It has occurred to me that the TARDIS, the spiffy multi-dimensional time machine used by the Doctor (you know Who), may prove to be a rather brilliant tool to acquiring ill-gotten gains in the markets. Why bother analyzing charts or building systems if you can just jump forward a day to see what’s going to happen, right? Of course first I’ll have to steal one and for that there is no better place than Cardiff, Wales:

Once I succeed I will of course quit the blog, get myself a shaved cat and then proceed with setting up the TARDIS Investment Trust Syndicate. Sounds evil enough and I really like the abbreviation.

Of course I’m kidding – but only about hunting down time machines. The Mole will be heading to Cardiff tomorrow morning for a martial arts seminar – definitely not for the weather as it’s butt cold over there. Unless my plane makes a detour across Malaysia I expect to be back next Tuesday – just in time to post an update. Scott (The Convict) Phillips promised to put up a post on Monday, perhaps even tomorrow. So don’t panic – the Mole’s got you covered! 😉

So let’s talk about equities shall we? Let me start with a chart I shared with my subs this morning. And without rubbing it in may I point out that there are certain privileges to being a member here at Evil Speculator? Because that’s what you have been missing. There was a distinct divergence between the GBP/JPY and the spoos this morning and I recommended to my subs to keep a cautious eye and look for continuation lower. Well, guess what happened then?

Ooooii – that’s gotta hurt. But guess what – our daily campaign was stopped out at 1R and thus we got to lock in our profits. Now I would have loved to catch this move lower but it is what is – besides we have been squeezing an R here and another one there on the way up and the down. All of it adds up over time…

Now let’s keep in mind that we continue to see lower lows and lower highs, especially on the NQ and the NDX. The SPX is a bit more bullish but we are once again descending toward daily and weekly support – 1828 on the former and 1820ish on the latter. Unfortunately we do not have any clues or support levels in between. So if we drop through the Monday lows then we will probably pay those medium term support levels a visit.

More directional move on the NG – boy oh boy! This is turning out to be a profitable campaign! We almost – almost touched the 3R mark – it depends on how you count it. I for one am adding a tick (or pip) to the bottom and top of the previous candle – that makes one R. Given that we should be raising our stop to 4,631 today. Let’s see if she’s going to run higher – I always tell you, Mrs. Natgas is a bit of a crazy broad but once you get her going she can be a lot of fun.

AUD/USD – also not looking so shappy – almost touched the 4R mark today – how do you like them apples? But we dropped back below 3R and that means we’ll probably be closing it out. Unless of course it pushes higher EOD and closes today’s candle above 0.9425’2 – in that case move your stop there and keep it running.

And that’s all I got – obviously I won’t be taking on any further trades before next week. I hope some of you have been trading along – it’s been a wild but profitable week. And next week – next week – boy oh boy, do I have a little surprise in store for you guys. I think you are definitely going to love this one. I don’t want to give too much away but I think what Scott and I have brewed up will be a game changer for some of you system traders. More about that next week – see you all Tuesday!

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