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The Bad News Just Keep Coming

The Bad News Just Keep Coming

by The MoleJuly 27, 2009

2:12pm EDT: Found a nasty little surprise logging into AdSense today:

It seems the AdSense income stream has come to an end, despite the fact that I have had consistent clicks for months now. Great… of course they did that at the end of a record earning month – I’m pretty sure they are still billing their own clients for it. Bastards

Well, this unfortunately puts the viability of Evil Speculator in question. My hosting cost are pretty high at this point and subcription rates have been dropping significantly since this counter rally started in early March.

Please understand that I greatly enjoy this community but I now might need to start thinking about a format that will compensate me for the countless hours I spent every week supporting it. Perhaps a different advertising network might be a possibility but I frankly don’t have the energy researching this stuff ad nauseum. If anyone has any good ideas I’m all ears. And no, I’m not going to make this blog pay4play as it would kill this community in a New York minute.

This has not been a fun quarter and this note pretty much was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Oh yeah – and please spare me any disparaging comments – you will be eviscerated.

I’m worn out – feel like I’ve been swimming up stream for months now. This is not fun anymore…

3:51pm EDT: Not wrap up post today – I’m still fuming about getting yanked from AdSense and the damn tape to which there seems to be no end. Need some time off – catch you later, rats.



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